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bailedout Fri 14-Jan-11 22:19:06

Seriously considering it for baby. Only a few months to go. What do you think?

sydenhamhiller Fri 14-Jan-11 22:30:35

Love it, think very timeless...

OutIntoTheBlue Fri 14-Jan-11 23:45:04

Love. It.
Nuff saidsmile

MadAboutQuavers Fri 14-Jan-11 23:47:35

Gorgeous name

cece Fri 14-Jan-11 23:48:55


dyzzidi Fri 14-Jan-11 23:49:01

I love it!

YOu have to think how it is going to be said in your regional accent though as being from the Manchester i would pronounce it without the H blush

That goes for most names beginning with H to be honest and my accent is not that strong.

ReadingTeaLeaves Sat 15-Jan-11 00:14:35

You don't pronounce the H dyzzidi. Tis my mum's name and it's lovely. Timeless.

BellaMagnificat Sat 15-Jan-11 00:19:03

Nice name, but rather a hostage to fortune, like Grace, or Charity.

Just had a thought Is Nora the diminutive of Honour/Honor? Or maybe that's for Eleanor/Eleanora?

mathanxiety Sat 15-Jan-11 05:11:03

Love Honor.

Yes BellaMagnificat, afaik Nora is a diminutive of Honor or more often Honora, especially in Ireland.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 15-Jan-11 05:22:24

Lovely, really lovely. Never heard it said with the H though.

Highlandgirl Sat 15-Jan-11 10:04:12

Love it...our first choice if DC is a girl...!!!!!

PlanetLizard Sat 15-Jan-11 10:25:19

I like it

Rhubarbgarden Sat 15-Jan-11 10:26:48

Dislike it because to me it looks like it's missing a 'u', even though I know it isn't.

Helzapoppin Sat 15-Jan-11 12:54:22

It's beautiful. We are considering it for DC due in the summer too.

I prefer Honora, but DH says that's too fussy.

Nightstar Sat 15-Jan-11 15:39:51

I have a great aunt called Honor and she is wonderful, so i naturally see it as a warm and lovely name.

flaine Sat 15-Jan-11 19:58:36

Honor is a fantastic name.

Beautiful in every way.

Classic, eternal and timeless. Please choose

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