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Boys names, Please vote

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JojoMags Fri 14-Jan-11 15:50:15

So, after lengthy discussion in the car last night we have finally narrowed it down to two boys names, but can't decide which. Please help!

They are:

Robert Henry Lee (or maybe Robert Henry George Lee - does the addition of George spoil the flow?) nn Robbie
Nathaniel George Lee nn Natty as a baby, Nate as an adult

Lee is our surname btw.

My reservations are these:
Is Robert a tiny bit/off-puttingly boring?
Is Natty Lee too similar to Natalie and therefore too feminine? Does Nate Lee work as a name and does it matter if only a nn, albeit one he is known by 99% of the time?

Other names my hubby has surprisingly endorsed are Otto and Cassius. We're not quite brave enough, but if anyone has any similar suggestions I'd be agog to hear them.

Thank you for your opinions!

Vanillacandle Fri 14-Jan-11 16:59:49

I like Robert best as there are so many nns - Robbie when he's little, Rob when he's older...

Personally, I really don't like Nathaniel or Natty or Nate. And yes, Natty Lee is just asking for trouble.

I'd go for boring over way-out any day, it's fairer on the child when they go to school.

cece Fri 14-Jan-11 17:02:28

I agree Robert is far better than Nathaniel. Mainly because th nn are so much better. I really am not keen on Natty or Nate.

How about Matthew nn Matty or Matt?


Jonathan nn Jonny

Both nice safe names with good nn.

Eglu Fri 14-Jan-11 17:02:48

Natty Leee and Nate Lee are not great. I think Robert is a bit boring. Loving Cassius though.

ErnestTheBavarian Fri 14-Jan-11 17:22:17


pointydog Fri 14-Jan-11 17:26:19


JojoMags Fri 14-Jan-11 17:59:38

Thanks. Appreciate all your votes!

Fourleaf Fri 14-Jan-11 18:07:54

I think Natty Lee rules Nathaniel out.
I like Robert - nickname Bertie?
Also Otto Lee sounds great

...Just typed that and realised actually it sounds like Ottalie (girls name, not sure of sp, French I think).

Cassius Lee is cool actually.

SoupDragon Fri 14-Jan-11 18:11:17

I think you should stick to one middle name as your surname is also a boys name. personally,

I love Nate and far prefer it to Robert but I don't think it works with Lee

JojoMags Fri 14-Jan-11 18:37:47

Cassius is good, but looked it up on MN and apparently means vain and hollow sad! We'd already ruled out Otto due to the Ottalie association (lovely girls name though!). It is proving a very tricky surname to work with. We love Hugh but Hugh Lee is another that's not great.

MoldyWarp Sat 15-Jan-11 00:07:21

you cannot do George Henry Lee!!!!!

Dreya Sat 15-Jan-11 04:13:29

I just cannot imagine looking at a cute little bundle of joy and calling him Robert/Rob. Otto is ok. Quite cute. Cassius is a fabulous name. If I was having a boy I would have added that to my list. I love it! Cassius Lee sounds great. I like Nate too (def not Natty!) but don't think it works with Lee as well as Cassius does.

ChippingIn Sat 15-Jan-11 04:17:38

Nathanial all day long

By the time he's at school he'll be a Nate - Nate Lee is fine... it's not Natta Lee.

Don't like Robert (personal reasons!!) and it is very 70's!

mathanxiety Sat 15-Jan-11 05:01:30

Robbie is a nice nn for Robert, as is Bertie. I prefer Robert Henry Lee or even Robert Henry George Lee.

Henry Robert George Lee is nice too.

Natty Lee = Natalie (ditto Matty Lee)
Nate Lee = lately (and Nat would be e better nn for Nathaniel anyway)


Hedwig3 Sat 15-Jan-11 09:19:50

I like Robert nn Bob!

sarahtigh Sat 15-Jan-11 09:21:51


Rhubarbgarden Sat 15-Jan-11 15:58:40


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