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Thomas, Edward or Henry

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EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 13:29:50

DH and I can't decide! Any other suggestions welcome.

shabbapinkfrog Thu 13-Jan-11 13:34:24

I have a Thomas so I am very biased.

Also have a Daniel, Gareth and Matthew.

I love the 'old' names - they suit the child no matter what age they are.

All your choices are lovely but I like Thomas best.

pookamoo Thu 13-Jan-11 13:35:27

I like them all, but I did think this was going to be a thread about Thomas the Tank Engine! grin

(I would have Edward though)

megsacat Thu 13-Jan-11 13:42:12

Edward and Henry love them both and find it hard to choose between then, there both on my list for a future boy.

bigbluebump Thu 13-Jan-11 14:06:11

All three very common and a little dull imo. But if I had to choose, then Henry.

Fanfare Thu 13-Jan-11 14:07:10

I have an Edward and a Henry! Edward and Thomas can both be shortened, so if you're not keen on default nicknames then Henry might be a better option. As alternatives we also liked William, James, Gregory, Miles, Angus, Rowan...

MarniesMummy Thu 13-Jan-11 14:09:15

I like all three of them but if I had to choose it would be Henry everytime!

Henry (for sunday best name) and Harry (for nickname). Don't ask me why, I'm as hmm on that as you are.

MarniesMummy Thu 13-Jan-11 14:10:21

sorry I meant confused as you are not hmm.

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 13-Jan-11 14:11:30

I love all those names. I have used 2 of them for my children and would have used the 3rd if I hadn't m/c. That name has been used by someone else in our family.
Write them all out a few times and then pick one out of a hat!

EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 14:16:42

Thanks for the opinions.

grin never thought of the Thomas the Tank connection there! Perhaps I should add James, Harold and Trevor to my list!

I really can't decide. I love Edward with Eddie for short. Love Thomas but not as keen on Tom/Tommy et al.

Love Henry but only Henry not Harry. Would it have to be shortened though? I suppose kids make up their own nicknames though so there's perhaps little I can do to influence it.

bigbluebump- perhaps you are right and they are all a little dull but I guess I love dull names! I think I prefer the term timeless though grin.

Fanfare I love Rowan too. Shabba pinkfrog, I adore Matthew but our last name is Mattherson so it's just a cruel combination!

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 13-Jan-11 14:19:09

We don't let the names be shortened so you don't have to assume they will be.

shabbapinkfrog Thu 13-Jan-11 14:20:01

grin maybe thats just a little bit crazy!!! My DS4, Tommy, went to nursery with two little girls - they were cousins.....<<small drum roll>> wait for it.....they were called Pearl and Polly Pepper!!! grin

EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 14:22:01

grin Ooooooh dear, tragic name choices there! Oh I just could not do that to our child! Poor girls! Shame about Matthew though because we both love it but it just no way would work!

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 13-Jan-11 14:26:01

<throws Magnus Magnusson into the mix> grin

shabbapinkfrog Thu 13-Jan-11 14:27:41

Neville Neville?

EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 14:30:51

Having said that my Grandmother seriously wanted to call my dad Colin, dispite our surname being Collins! My Grandad thank God managed to pursuade her to go with Alan. Honestly, what are some people thinking?!

Fanfare Thu 13-Jan-11 14:31:14

I don't think you need to worry about Henry being shortened to Harry. Although it used to be the case, I think that Harry is far more a name in its own right these days. I don't think most kids would make the connection to be honest. Unfortunately I don't think you can necessarily stop abbreviations of Edward and Thomas once they get to school (though I will certainly try!)

EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 14:35:52

That is my fear Fanfare. I have no problem with Ed or Eddie but I do think that Thomas is beautiful just as it is. Henry may not be shortened as you say.

I also love Toby <runs away hiding from yet more Thomas Tank connotations>. DH not as keen but I think it's lovely.

weegiemum Thu 13-Jan-11 14:35:58

My 8yo ds (Aidan, btw)is off school today and enjoying contributing to MN!

He said "ewwwwww" to Edward but likes the others, and says if he is called THomas then Tom is what you should call him!

(8yo wisdom is funny!)

SilkStalkings Thu 13-Jan-11 14:36:46

How about Topham?grin

EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 14:38:10

Ahh thanks for that weegimum, always good to have input from the youth of today smile. Edward not popular with 8 year old boys then! Very wise young man you have there.

EdithAnne Thu 13-Jan-11 14:38:58

Sir Tophamhat Mattherson. I like it grin

flopsy1974 Thu 13-Jan-11 15:42:38

All three are strong timeless names which I think suit boys best. I like all three but would choose Edward as my favourite smile.

BornToFolk Thu 13-Jan-11 15:48:57

I have a Henry. I was adamant that it wouldn't be shortened to Harry and so far, it hasn't been.
But he does get called Hen or Henny mostly. It's totally my fault too as I was the one that started calling him Hen! Sometimes, you just can't stop nicknames...

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