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Isla or Orla???

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mumofcupcake Thu 13-Jan-11 11:27:05

Hi, my baby is due April and we're having difficulty in deciding on a girls name.........we like either Orla or Isla! I prefer Isla, hubby prefers Orla!! Also struggling with a middle name! .....Please help! x

Carrotsandcelery Thu 13-Jan-11 11:28:29

I prefer Orla myself but both are lovely. Orla is my favourite girls name.

ChessyEvans Thu 13-Jan-11 11:30:32

Is Isla pronounced Ila or Izla? I prefer Isla if it's like Ila. Re middle names, Isla Elizabeth? We're due April as well and can't decide on names either! smile

belbos Thu 13-Jan-11 11:31:34

Orla. Isla is overused and too trendy.

mumofcupcake Thu 13-Jan-11 11:32:49

I like Isla - pronounced Ila. Altho hubby put me off when he said Ila White! ha ha!! Only middle names I can think of is Rose or Mae .... altho both very common where I live! Soooo hard to decide!

Hedwig3 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:32:49


NL3 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:34:47

Prefer Orla - you can spell it Orlagh or Orlaith as well.

mumofcupcake Thu 13-Jan-11 11:35:33

belbos - interesting! Don't know any Isla's - thought Orla was getting to be quite common now.

belbos Thu 13-Jan-11 11:36:43

I know so many Islas! i think it's in the top 20 now whereas Orla not even in the top 100!

Carrotsandcelery Thu 13-Jan-11 11:37:39

I know and have taught loads of Islas. It is pretty but Orla is much more interesting.

hmberry Thu 13-Jan-11 11:41:16

Isla is a lot more popular than orla but it is much nicer .

RamblingRosa Thu 13-Jan-11 11:42:54

I prefer Isla.

mumofcupcake Thu 13-Jan-11 11:47:41

I like Orla because it's different - hubby's definately an Orla fan! But think Isla's pretty. We already have a little girl called Erin Poppy. Orla Rose / Orla Mae or use the same middle name as Erin and go with Orla Poppy?? Would like an unusual name ....

maras2 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:48:55

Love Orla.There were 4 Orla's in my primary school in the 1950's.Mind you,it was a convent school.They were all great girls.One is now a BBC corespondant.There were 2 Aoife's too.(pronounced eefa or eva)

Secondtimelucky Thu 13-Jan-11 11:58:31

If such things matter to you, there were 1,900 Isla's born in England & Wales in 2009, and just over 300 Orla's (few more if you add the Orlaith's).

It's here. You need to look at the sixth tab.

Orla does seem to be on the up though.

Aoife's a great name - but definitely Eefa, not Eva

woolymindy Thu 13-Jan-11 12:00:48

Isla, def such a lovely name

mumofcupcake Thu 13-Jan-11 12:02:32

Interesting - thanks

Carrotsandcelery Thu 13-Jan-11 12:36:53

Orla means golden haired princess - worth looking at the meaning of Isla and comparing them.
Orla Rose is LOVELY. Orla Mae is very pretty too (very close to my dd name). Orla Poppy doesn't flow so well IMHO.

growing3rdbump Thu 13-Jan-11 12:44:42

I think they're both beautiful names and both fairly popular at the moment. I like to have long traditional names as middle names for my children such as Isla Katherine, Isla Elizabeth. Although Rose and Mae are very pretty they are extremely popular middle names right now.

coco2901 Thu 13-Jan-11 12:51:40

I'm due in April too and we've decided on Orla if we have a girl. I love Isla but unfortunately doesnt go with our surname Both are great names!!

Secretwishescometrue Thu 13-Jan-11 13:21:27

Initially I thought Isla but I think Orla and Erin go so lovely together. Since Erin has a flower middle name giving Orla/Isla one too might be sweet. Do like Mae too though... <hangs head in no help what so ever shame>

JojoMags Thu 13-Jan-11 13:23:33

Prefer Isla. How about Isla Rose of Isla Mary. Both lovely.

christabell Thu 13-Jan-11 13:44:39

Isla is not in the top 20 (unless you are in Scotland). It was number 30 in England 2009 and number 5 in Scotland 2010. However, it is becoming more popular, as is Orla probably because it is similar.
I would be put off Orla as it is an anagram of oral.

mathanxiety Thu 13-Jan-11 15:42:57

Orla. But only if you're going to pronounce the R properly and not Awla.

flopsy1974 Thu 13-Jan-11 15:45:11

Orla is a beautiful name and far more unusual than Isla. Would have been a contender for the name of our 6 month old DD had it not been a tongue twister with our surname smile.

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