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Will Leila, Lyla, Lila date?

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annas79 Wed 12-Jan-11 11:06:40

What do you think? I don't want to pick a name that's this generation's Michelle/Julie/Louise etc.

Honesty please!!

shouldnotbehere Wed 12-Jan-11 11:17:23

It will date. If you want a name that will not date, choose a classic name such as:


Rhian82 Wed 12-Jan-11 11:20:55

I think the spelling could make a difference - I'd think Leila would date less than the other two, it looks more classic.

PorkChopSter Wed 12-Jan-11 11:22:33

Have you considered Lyra/Leah/Lily?

I think your suggestions are likely to date. Or she'll be one of a selection of them all spelt slightly differently at school. One of my DCs has Isabel, Isobel, Isabelle & Isabella (one than one of) in her year at school.

Bumperlicious Wed 12-Jan-11 11:32:56

Possibly but if you like the name who cares? My dd is one of the names you mentioned and I could care less if it dates. In fact I'm not sure it was ever popular so how could it date?

PlanetLizard Wed 12-Jan-11 11:33:39

I don't see them as classic names so I do think they may date. But OTOH so will a lot of other names - it's just what happens.

earwicga Wed 12-Jan-11 11:33:59

I expect so, unless she becomes a nun.

pinkmagic1 Wed 12-Jan-11 11:36:08

Leila is beautiful and I had it on the list for my dd. I think it is less likely to date than the other 2 similar names. Leila is a classic Arabic name and means 'Night'.

tummytickler Wed 12-Jan-11 11:38:12

Lyla and Lila will. Ten years ago there were hardly any and now you fall over them in the street!
Leila maybe not so much.
I also think Lyra, Leah and Lily will date.

It would put me off using them, but then, I expect the names I gave my dc will date eventually (though tried to go classic, but might of failed!).
SO maybe it does not really matter. I find them a little boring though.

Bumperlicious Wed 12-Jan-11 11:42:02

Really? I don't know any (apart from dd1, so I'd remember). It's not even in the top 100.

GwendolineMaryLacey Wed 12-Jan-11 11:44:55

Leila won't date. I know a couple, one 37 and the other late teens.

annas79 Wed 12-Jan-11 11:51:09

I think it's one of those names that is more popular than the stats suggest because there are so many spellings. Layla is in the top 50 I think?

We would go for the Leila spelling but pronounce it Lyla.

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