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Some recent baby names (2010)

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onimolap Mon 10-Jan-11 00:05:35

For those of you who like to see how popular names have been recently, here are names from the Bonny Baby competition in a local newspaper from the Midlands.

0-9 months:

5x Riley

3x Oliver/Ollie, Charles/Charlie,

Similar grouping: 2x Lily-Rose + Lola-Rose + Lola

2x Archie, Caitlin/Kaitlyn, Cody-Lee/Codie-Leah, Jack, James, Emily, Harry, Lacey, Liam, Max, Olivia, Ruby/Ruby-Lou, Tyler-Lee/Tyler-Jay, Kelsey/Kelsi-Lee

And singles of: Aimee, Alesha, Alana, Benjamin, Cassidy, Corey, Connie, Chloe, Drayden, Devon, Ethan, Elijah, Erin, Francesca, Florence, Freya, Grace, Huntleigh, Iris, Isla, Jenson, Jake, Katrina, Kara, Kyra-Jay, Kyla-Marie, Layla, Libby-Mae, Lydia, Leo, Levi, Logan, Lexi, Lucas, Maisie, Moses, Mason, Molly-Jane, Oscar, Oz, Poppy, Robert, Shaila, Sebastian, Sophie, Scarlett, Sian-Lily, Sydnay, Savannah, Tia, Tristan.

onimolap Mon 10-Jan-11 00:16:03

In the 10-18 month age group:

3x Poppy/Poppy-Mae, George

2x Lexie, Alfie, Jack, Amber/Amber-Mai, Imogen/Imogen-Skye, Liam

And singles of: Ava, Archie, Abigail, Alexander, Billie-Mai, Cohen, Cotey, Connie, Eloise, Eli, Eleanor, Ellie-May, Florence, Heidi, Harry, Joshua, Jake, Kai, Lilly, Lacey, Leia-Marie, Leo, Leighsha-Louise, Layton-Michael, Matilda, Peyton-Brooke, Rosie, Ruby, Ryleigh-James, Shayann, Samuel, Tiernan, Trixie, Yvee, Zak.

In the 19-36 month age range:

2x Alexia, Dylan, Lily/Lily-Mae, Jake, Olivia

singles of: Amelia, BungKoy, Caitlin, Cameron, Charlie, Daniel, Dolcie, Dzejdyn, Ellie, Ellis, Freya, Harley, Hollie, Isabel, Jason, Jacob, Javan, Katie, Kira, Kaylee-May, Lehana, Libby, Mia-Lee, Maddiaon-Jade, Morgan, Paulina, Phoebe, Riley, Rhys, Sara-Maria, Shayne, Tommy, Tillie, Tyler, Zak.

Deciduousblonde Mon 10-Jan-11 11:26:18

I got quite excited then, until I saw my chosen name for expected DD in the 19-36 month category wink

TryLikingClarity Mon 10-Jan-11 19:01:50

DS's name isn't there, which I find strange as it's a very common name. Maybe it's too plain to be fashionable.

cece Mon 10-Jan-11 19:10:17

I am quite shocked to see so many hypenated names, as I do not know of any myself. I know children in DD's school, DS1 goes to another school, DS2 goes to a cm and I work in a third school.

I look forward to labelling the books in a few years time...

TheSecondComing Mon 10-Jan-11 19:29:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 10-Jan-11 19:37:55


cece Mon 10-Jan-11 21:52:19

I wonder if Peyton- Brooke is a boy or a girl?

onimolap Mon 10-Jan-11 21:57:04

Sorry, I've slung the newspaper now and can't check the photo for you. My guess is female.

SarahScot Mon 10-Jan-11 21:57:25

Yvee = Evie ???

onimolap Mon 10-Jan-11 21:59:54

Dunno - I thought it was Ivy.

cece Mon 10-Jan-11 22:03:20

Really I thought a boy!

Peyton sounds more masculine and Brooke is unisex...

TheSecondComing Mon 10-Jan-11 22:26:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShowOfHands Mon 10-Jan-11 22:29:02


Deciduousblonde Tue 11-Jan-11 01:38:51

Isn't Peyton the name of the deranged nanny in 'Hand That Rocks The Cradle'? shudder

In that case, it's I think the spelling of Brooke is more feminine.

WorzselMummage Tue 11-Jan-11 01:45:25

How the hell would you pronounce Dzejdyn !?

WorzselMummage Tue 11-Jan-11 01:46:30

And BungKoy!

Popbiscuit Tue 11-Jan-11 02:02:20

Decidiuousblonde-YES it is. I always get the chills when I hear that name...

ShowOfHands Tue 11-Jan-11 09:59:29

Bungkoy is a name afaik (Philippines maybe) but Dzejdyn, I have no idea.

TheSecondComing Tue 11-Jan-11 11:09:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FellatioNelson Tue 11-Jan-11 11:17:47

secondcoming you took the words right out of my mouth.shock

A what's with Dolcie? That's the second time in a week I've seen it spelt with an O. The name is Dulcie. angry

Waaaay too many hyphens followed by Lees/Mays in there, and way too many crapola spellings going on. What is the world coming to? confused

Just another example of Broken Britain.

Strictly Tue 11-Jan-11 11:18:39

Oh Lord Peyton-Brooke, as in the 2 main characters from One Tree Hill blush

Codie-Leah..... wow

FellatioNelson Tue 11-Jan-11 11:19:08

Huntleigh just reminds me of Ian Huntley. Who would do that to a child?

FellatioNelson Tue 11-Jan-11 11:20:37

To be fair, Bonny Baby competitions in local newspapers tend to attract a very specific demographic...

Strictly Tue 11-Jan-11 11:21:55

I really want to know why people add a 'Lee' onto a girls name...Kelsi-Lee shock

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