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Eilidh Helen

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hhg Fri 07-Jan-11 08:19:22

We really like Eilidh for a girl and def want Helen to be middle name (after my Mum).

So annoying though as Eilidh is Gaelic for
Helen and so using this name is like saying "Helen Helen" isn't it?

Thoughts please?

Any other ideas for first girls names - has to be Scottish/Gaelic and nice

Thank you all v much

belgo Fri 07-Jan-11 08:20:23

How do you pronounce Eilidh?

hhg Fri 07-Jan-11 08:22:55

Like "Ay-ley"

RueLaChesty Fri 07-Jan-11 08:31:16

hmm i wouldn't use both to be honest.

I do like both names and we considered them as my gran was ellen and ellen comes from helen.

We also liked elizabeth after my other gran and isobel which is form of elizabeth but couldn't have isobel elizabeth. Ended up going with elizabeth ellen.

I do like eilidh but think its quite popular, where do you live?

hhg Fri 07-Jan-11 08:33:23

I agree both together sound a bit daft - which is a shame. Husband and I don't have a lot of names we agree on. I am in scotland where Eilidh is more popular

bronze Fri 07-Jan-11 08:38:09

I have to admit I saw the title and thought, they do realise thats Helen Helen don't they.

Why not just use Eilidh for being after your mum, Helen with a twist.

belgo Fri 07-Jan-11 08:39:00

If you really want to use both for sentimental reasons, then go for it.

FalachFead Fri 07-Jan-11 09:05:06

As a Gaidhlig speaker it sounds ridiculous. But since we are very much in the minority who'll really know.. Loads of gorgeous Gaidhlig girls names...

Floraidh - Flora
Marsaili - Marjory (terrible in English..)
Oighrig - (Euphemia)
Mairead - (Margaret)
Mairanna - (Maryann)
Catriona - (Catherine)
Seonag - (Johanne)
Seonaid - (Janet/tte)
Sine - (Jean)
Sorcha - (Sarah)
Peigi -(Peggy)
Cairistiona - (Christina)
Mailli - ( a really old version of Mary)
Sìleas - (Julia)
Mairi - (Mary)
..are but a few

I love the name Eilidh but it's become a bit ubiquitous.
Loads in and around our School. It is the Gaelic school also loads in our area and have relies with the name...
Helen much less heard....You could go old Island stylee and put Helen on the birth cert but call her Eilidh to differentiate from Granny....

Deciduousblonde Fri 07-Jan-11 09:36:04

I don't see anything wrong with having those two names together, after all not everyone will know the meanings of names.

I knew 2 brothers called Shane & they actually had the same name wink

My cousin named her daughter Megan Pearl. Megan means 'pearl'. It hasn't done her any harm and the names go nicely together, as does Eilidh Helen. If you like it, go for it!

chimchar Fri 07-Jan-11 09:41:13

Sorcha and Mairi are gorgeous when do you pronounce them??

op...i think that you could use the gaelic helen in honour of your mum...

ragged Fri 07-Jan-11 09:47:20

Tristan Thomas
Maisie Margaret
Ian John

Just use it if you like it,OP; very few people in the scheme of things will ever even learn what her middle name is.

Northernrose Fri 07-Jan-11 11:25:11

Eilidh is a lovely name. smile I am a strong believer in using the name you love, so if you really love Eilidh Helen and other things are just second best then use it! I think they sound nice together and like ragged said few people will be using her full name, and I had no idea that Eilidh was the Gaelic name for Helen despite being Scottish!

Others than come to mind are:
Mara (thinking of Celtic meaning 'sea' rather than Hebrew meaning 'bitter'!!)
Katrin (like Loch Katrin)

Or you could add in a second middle name to break Eilidh and Helen up if it bothers you?

FalachFead Fri 07-Jan-11 11:27:34

Sor-a-cha..said in no fada/grave to elongate any vowels... I say Maathi...kind of an r/th combo...others just stick to Mah-ree...they are gorg names.

ShoppingDays Fri 07-Jan-11 12:16:34

I wouldn't use the two names together for the reason's you've given.

ShoppingDays Fri 07-Jan-11 12:16:44

reasons (doh)

swanandduck Fri 07-Jan-11 12:33:39

I'm Irish and it would sound like a crazy combination in Ireland. A bit like an English person calling a child Amelie Emily or something.

Komondor Fri 07-Jan-11 14:07:59

I think its fine - Eilidh is a lovely name, and you never use your second name, except for form filling. I think its lovely that you want to use your mum's name for second name.

Milngavie Fri 07-Jan-11 14:16:46

I'm another who read the title and though 'but that's Helen Helen'.

I like Eilidh as a name though.

What about Mhairi? (said Vha-ri).

I know of twins called Sean and Jack so effectively they are both called John.

However, the Helen wouldn't be used all the time so you would probably be ok smile.

whoodoo Fri 07-Jan-11 14:39:00

My mum is a Helen and we live in Scotland too. I wanted eilidh for our girl who turned out to be a fergus. Hate to say it but when I read thread title I just thought 'but doesn't she know that's Helen Helen?' sorry. Eilidh lovely though in my view. I was going to tell my mum that it meant Helen so in a way our fergus would have been named after her if he wasn't a blue one IYSWIM.

ValiumTinselton Fri 07-Jan-11 15:01:17

The first thing I thought of before I clicked was Helen Helen.

It's like Elizabeth Isabel.

MAYBE only Celts would feel that so instantly though?

MollysChambers Fri 07-Jan-11 15:07:22

Sorry but another who hopped on the the thread to say "but that's Helen Helen".

coco2901 Fri 07-Jan-11 15:21:51

I popped on to say "you know thats Helen Helen" too... I have a cousin called Eilidh, lovely name, much prefer it to Helen

Pingpong Fri 07-Jan-11 15:56:53

I'm not a gaelic speaker but know that it's Helen Helen. I really wouldn't do it. Just choose one. If you have another daughter I think it would be fine to have the other one as a middle name so DD1 Eilidh Mairi for example and DD2 Catriona Helen.
I know of brothers called James and Seamus. Just. Wrong.

nickelbabyjesus Fri 07-Jan-11 15:59:47

I would call her Eilidh as a first name and choose a different middle name.

As you know Eilidh means Helen, then you know that you are naming her after your mum.

Eilidh's a beautiful name - my middle name's helen too.

expatinscotland Fri 07-Jan-11 16:05:32

Yes, it's like saying Helen Helen. I have an Eilidh but if you want to use Helen as a middle name then chose another forename.

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