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Cute baby names?

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smileyinmummy2011 Wed 05-Jan-11 18:53:15

My baby is due in May ( i went to get my ultrasound today) and found out i'm having a girl, i was wondering about baby names, i have two kids already called Alex and Narcissa but i was interested in new names. ?
was thinking about:

ShoppingDays Wed 05-Jan-11 19:21:37

I like Amelia, Harriet, Stella and Emma from your list.

Amora - OK
Ginerva-Ginny - not keen
Astrid - harsh, it's trendy but I really dislike it
Stella - like
Amelia - lovely
Luna - nice-sounding name but I'd avoid it as it may get lunatic jokes
Sundai - ice cream or day of the week
Gemzliah - never heard of this, people may find it hard to pronounce/spell
Harriet - lovely
Emma - lovely
Vivian - don't like

perpetuallypregnant Wed 05-Jan-11 19:37:53

Out of your choices I like

In that order, don't like the others sorry.

growing3rdbump Wed 05-Jan-11 20:58:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rhubarbgarden Wed 05-Jan-11 23:11:58

I love Narcissa!

Amora - don't like
Ginerva - okay, really like Ginny
Astrid - love it
Stella - don't like
Amelia - okay
Luna - massively popular in Holland
Sundai - awful
Gemzliah - awful
Harriet - love it
Emma - boring
Vivian - isn't this the male spelling? Vivienne is lovely

LetThereBeRock Wed 05-Jan-11 23:22:31

Amora 'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's... (and yes I know it's really amore)
Ginerva-Ginny No
Astrid Ugly sound
Stella Ok
Amelia Very nice
Luna Tic
Sundai Absolutely not
Gemzliah Horrid
Harriet Gorgeous
Emma Nice
Vivian Not a fan

Imarriedafrog Wed 05-Jan-11 23:39:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Komondor Thu 06-Jan-11 09:51:05

Amora - dont like
Ginerva-Ginny - dont like
Astrid - dont like
Stella - like
Amelia - like
Luna -dont like
Sundai - dont like
Gemzliah - dont like
Harriet - like
Emma - like
Vivian - prefer Vivienne, and love this name

Deciduousblonde Thu 06-Jan-11 09:53:52

I love Stella & Luna ~ both names I liked but DH didn't!

HelenaRose Thu 06-Jan-11 11:05:43

Amora - bit too much like 'Amorous'
Ginerva-Ginny - sound like you're going for a Harry Potter theme
Astrid - pretty
Stella - lager
Amelia - very pretty
Luna - again, Harry Potter theme
Sundai - icecream sundae
Gemzliah - difficult to pronounce/spell
Harriet - simple, easy
Emma - very pretty
Vivian - lovely

yousankmybattleship Thu 06-Jan-11 11:13:42

Amora - not keen - sounds like an ice cream
Ginerva-Ginny - don't like it (sorry)
Astrid - ok, sounds quite Scandinavian
Stella - nice
Amelia - nice
Luna - bit silly
Sundai - another ice cream name
Gemzliah - dreadful
Harriet - lovely
Emma - very nice
Vivian - lovely

I also like Eleanor and Ivy

Good luck choosing

Pipistrellina Fri 07-Jan-11 15:52:54

Narcissa to me is associated strongly with the Harry Potter character, I've not heard it elsewhere (although I'm sure it has a history), so I would think carefully before you add another character from the series like Ginny or Luna, even Ginerva is like Minerva (McGonagall), lovely as it is.

PS Have you googled Amora? I would...

smileyinmummy2011 Fri 07-Jan-11 19:31:34

yeha i am going for harry potter theme! I love it and read it and really enjoyed it reading it to al of my kids and them reading it themselves as they got older. But it' not just the harry potter theme, i genrally love the name Narcissa, i think it sounds beautiful, i aslo think it actually suits my dd grin. And i like the way Ginny and Luna sound.
and yeah i googled Amora but i have a friend that is called Amora and it's actually pronounced "Am-a-rah" and Gemzliah is from a book i read on holiday, i think it sound lovely and just incase you were wondering is pro-nounced "Gems-lee-ah".

RoundRobyn Fri 07-Jan-11 20:07:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Froggy81 Fri 07-Jan-11 20:10:26

Amora is the name of a mustard brand in France. Sorry, I hate it.

Harriet is the best.

MazzzaG Fri 07-Jan-11 20:56:49

Really like Amelia as my friend has a little one called Amelia and we call her mimi for short.
Amelie is sweet too for an alternative also Amora is nice and I know a little girl called amara which is sweet too good luck
A little tip always try and shorten them and see how it sounds because no doubt what ever we name our children the kids at school will shorten their names.

GrumbleBee Fri 07-Jan-11 21:38:37

Ginny Weasley is actually Ginevra, rather than Ginerva (Ginevra's what mean Auntie Muriel calls her at the wedding)... I like it a lot!

I also like Harriet and Amelia.

CupcakesHay Fri 07-Jan-11 21:42:16

Love Astrid.

Stella's the beer IMO!

What about Ariadnee (might want to check spelling!) or Aurelia?

Wish i was having a girl - so much prettier than boys names!

Maternelle Fri 07-Jan-11 21:42:17

Amora = Mustard
Astrid and Stella are nice

cheezyquaver Fri 07-Jan-11 22:40:59

Sundai-sounds like some one from the black country describing what they are doing at the week.

On Sundai were goon round r babs for a kipper tie

cheezyquaver Fri 07-Jan-11 22:41:26


Sequins Fri 07-Jan-11 22:44:15

Luna would go best with your other DC's names, I think.

Where does Gemzliah come from?

looblylu Sun 09-Jan-11 11:40:24

i think luna/ginevra might be a bit too much Harry Potter on top of Narcissa wink

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