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My son Charlie/ Charles? (help!)

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TwinklePants Wed 05-Jan-11 10:31:03


Well, my little one flashed his bits at me during a scan yesterday and my obstetrician seemed certain he is a boy (I saw evidence with my own eyes too!) so, now I have the difficult task of agreeing a name with DH. We had already provisionally agreed Isabella Rose for a girl but had no firm name choices agreed for a boy.

Our last name is Smith so very common, and the only boys name that I truly love is Charlie. DH doesn't have any strong preferences, except for Vincent (nn Vinny)which I have vetoed (Foxes "biscwits" anyone?), but I think he could be persuaded to love the name Charlie like I do (I keep imagining a chubby cheeked blond toddler, running around in dungarees!)

So, I have three questions for the MN jury -

1) Is Charlie to 'common' a name to be used with Smith?
2) Can anyone suggest a suitable middle name - should I give in and allow Vincent?
3) I am a keen believer that only full 'proper' names be used on birth certificates - dare I break my own rule? I am not too keen on the proper name Charles though.

Thanks for your help! smile

ChessyEvans Wed 05-Jan-11 10:39:02

1) I think Charlie is a lovely name and although traditional, I wouldn't think it was that common (haven't looked on the recent lists though). I think it's nice and understated given your second name not to have anything over the top.

2) I don't think Vincent is a ridiculous name and as a middle name is unlikely to get much airing anyway. Can't say I love it though! What's your DH's middle name? You could use that if it sounds nice, it's a tradition in our family.

3) Am a stickler for rules and also agree with your rule re full names on birth certificate. Personally I would go with Charles and then just always refer to him as Charlie so that it sticks. Gives him the option when older to be Charles if he prefers (although I don't think there's anything wrong with an adult being called Charlie).

Happy debating! smile

Hedwig3 Wed 05-Jan-11 10:50:11

Charles Vincent sounds great BUT ONLY if you like Charles and will use it along with Charlie.

I am a believer in not having a secret name that nobody likes enough to use!

So if you only like Charlie, then Charlie Vincent would be great too.

CharlieBoo Wed 05-Jan-11 12:35:06

Ahhh congratulations on having a little boy. Your image made me smile as my ds was a little chubby blondie with huge sky blue eyes ... He is also called Charlie. He is nearly 6 now.

My Charlie is a Charlie on birth certificate (not Charles). Like you I loved the name Charlie but not Charles so the idea of having a name that we would never use and didn't like wasn't for us.

Our surname is Jones so quite a common surname too but it has a lovely ring to it. Charlie has become very popular where we live with babies, but it is a great name which is beautiful for a baby/toddler, cool for s teenager and perfect for an adult. Good luck

ShoppingDays Wed 05-Jan-11 12:46:01

1) It's fairly popular but also a classic name (if you use Charles as full name) so won't be seen as faddy.
2) Henry, Peter, Oliver, David, Edward, Isaac
3) Yes, I would definitely use the full name Charles. It would give him more choice later in life (job applications and so on).

looplou Wed 05-Jan-11 13:06:24

1) I don't think it's too common. I have a Charlie and he doesn't share his name with anyone in his year at school (he is 9yo and still bright blue eyed and blond hair..oh the memories)
2) I think most things go with Charlie: Peter, Michael etc. (ours is called Harrison but shortened to Harry)
3) We have Charles on the Birth certificate and allow him to choose what he uses and when. Although he is registered at school/doctors etc. under Charles and Charlie everywhere informally.

Congratulations whatever you call him!

TwinklePants Wed 05-Jan-11 20:50:42

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions regarding the name/s charles/ charlie - I am pleased that there is a lot of support for the name as I know it is supposedly quite commonly used, although with more and more people seemingly trying to give their DCs unusual names, or with varient spellings I am getting keener on the traditional kind of names - could always go for Charghleigh? wink

Not 100% decided on whether to go for Charles or Charlie though if I'm honest. I am not sure it would hold DS back in life if he couldn't put Charles on job or uni applications - I think there are enough strange names out there that no one would blink at a straightforward Charlie Smith.

Chessy - DH's name is Daniel and I would love a Charlie Daniel or a Charles Daniel but for some reason DH isn't keen. I could work on him though!

TwinklePants Wed 05-Jan-11 20:51:24

varient = variant blush

ChessyEvans Thu 06-Jan-11 10:22:45

Nooooo don't do the spelling thing!! grin

Charlie Daniel Smith is lovely, would def try to talk DH round on that one! Daniel is one of my top boy names but my DH doesn't like it and I'm not keen on Danny as a shortened version.

I agree that Charlie can definitely be used as an adult - Charlie Brooker, Charlie Chaplin (?!) etc and don't think it would look silly on job applications. You've talked me round a bit!

geordieminx Thu 06-Jan-11 10:28:07

I have a Charlie, who is everything that you describe grin

He is 3.5, and although there is another Charlie in his nursery, thats that only other one that I know.

He is Charlie on his birth certificate, William is a nice middle name?

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