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Jonathan or Charles or. Edward...?

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gingerwench Mon 03-Jan-11 16:09:09

DS is Peter.
If no. 2 is a boy then middle name will be Ernest.

Ideas for "strong-sounding" boys' names please? Quite like Jonathan and Charles (nn Charlie). Would prefer a non-top ten name.

Not keen on Matthew, Paul, Simon and can't use Andrew.

Plonker Mon 03-Jan-11 16:14:57

Love Edward.

The other boys names that I love are William, Sebastian and Harry/Henry.

I'm not keen on Jonathan (or the inevitable 'Joni') but Charlie is Ok.

Love Peter!

Hassled Mon 03-Jan-11 16:17:11

I love Edward but Edward Ernest might be a bit much. Charles/Charlie also good.
David? Stephen? Michael? I don't much like Dave/Steve/Mike but the actual names are great.

SnowMuchToBits Mon 03-Jan-11 16:18:46

Jonathan. Because it is the best name in the world! Also I think it goes really well with Peter. I have a Jonathan, and if I had had another boy, Peter would have been at the top of my list.

SnowMuchToBits Mon 03-Jan-11 16:20:14

And my Jonathan is sometimes called Jonty or Jonno, but very rarely Joni/Jonny.

onimolap Mon 03-Jan-11 16:20:38

I really like Jonathan.

I wouldn't go for Henry - it's a lovely name, but Horrid Henry's brother is Perfect Peter and I think that might brle a little hard on family dynamics.

Other ideas: Rupert, Marcus, George, Christopher, Nathaniel, Richard?

Lamorna Mon 03-Jan-11 16:33:40

Jonathan or Edward but don't give him Ernest!
Use Charles for the middle name.

gingerwench Mon 03-Jan-11 19:15:05

Thanks for the comments. Jonathan is my favourite so far I think. Sebastian and Nathanial were on my shortlist last time round but vetoed by DH. David is out (close family name) but otherwise sound. William is DS1's middle name.

Agree can't use Henry given the Horrid Henry connotations (didn't even know of Perfect Peter when DS was named which may explain my SIL's raised eyebrows at the time).

I do like Christopher so will add that to the list for discussion with DH.

Rupert is a step too close to Tarquin for my liking... also Rupert, Michael and Marcus fall foul of a self-imposed rule that we would try to avoid using our own initials (to save postal confusion!). Sorry for omitting that from the OP but it had slipped my mind...

Glad Jonathan has a reasonably positive response. Thanks again.

Now must think of the girls' names!

Nightstar Mon 03-Jan-11 19:26:06

If your eldest is Peter then you must use Edmund!!

(The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe)

gingerwench Mon 03-Jan-11 19:28:02

Hi Nightstar yes had thought of that... bit too Blackadder maybe?!

Incidentally I like Lucy for a girl but although Lion Witch and Wardrobe reference is ok, not keen on Eastenders connotations!

Edmundo Mon 03-Jan-11 19:34:39

I prefer Edward but I think Jonathan goes better with Peter.

orienteerer Mon 03-Jan-11 19:37:03

Biased towards John rather than Jonathan, DS is John Edward

gingerwench Mon 03-Jan-11 19:38:01

Will add John to the list.

JamieLeeCurtis Mon 03-Jan-11 20:33:50

I have a Charles/ Charlie so am biased

I also think John (rather than Jonathan)



JamieLeeCurtis Mon 03-Jan-11 20:36:14


Elizabeth - loads of lovely nicknames as well
Margaret - Maggie/Peggy

JamieLeeCurtis Mon 03-Jan-11 20:37:02


SnowMuchToBits Mon 03-Jan-11 21:15:20

Oooh I would also go for Juliet/Julia as girls' names. Or Isabel, Miranda, Rosamond, Alexandra.

Still think Jonathan the best for a boy though.... Have just tucked mine up in bed! smile

gingerwench Tue 04-Jan-11 09:47:54

Yep Juliet is on the girls' list. Miranda and Rosamund although lovely fall foul of the "no common initials" rule. Elizabeth is a close family member so no go. I'm rather partial to Jemima (but yet to persuade DH) and possibly Edith (although my family would have a field day with 'Allo 'Allo jokes and bad impressions of Mme Piaf). We do have the girls' name that DS would have had (Annabel Sophie) but I will aim to have another that we both like ready so that as with DS we can decide when we see the baby.

Komondor Tue 04-Jan-11 12:09:15


Hedwig3 Wed 05-Jan-11 10:57:51

Peter and Charles sound wonderful and I love both of those names.

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