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Stuck for boys names, like Florence for a girl

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dappleton Mon 03-Jan-11 11:37:51

At 20wk scan with DC1 we were told we were having a girl, decided on the name Florence which myself and DH think is great. However, to cut a long story short we have since found out we are having a boy, can't find a name! I like Sebastian but is too long with our surname (3 syllables, starts with R), DH likes Joshua but I feel its a bit too popular at the moment. Please help!

vintageteacups Mon 03-Jan-11 11:57:01

Nathanial (Nat)

I don't think Joshua is that popular at the moment.





donnie Mon 03-Jan-11 11:59:16

Florian is a boys' name

vintageteacups Mon 03-Jan-11 12:02:51

oh I love that!

qwerty123 Mon 03-Jan-11 15:27:56


AvengingGerbil Mon 03-Jan-11 15:30:50


eatyourveg Mon 03-Jan-11 15:33:57

Rufus, Jethro, Noah or for something more traditional Robert, Peter and Edmund

KazBoyle Mon 03-Jan-11 20:54:17


niceday Mon 03-Jan-11 20:57:44

Rome, Milan, Turin are all like Florence

Jojay Mon 03-Jan-11 20:58:47



ShoppingDays Mon 03-Jan-11 21:02:45


poppydaisy Mon 03-Jan-11 21:52:36

My sister has a Quentin and a Florence.

Florian is quite a common boys name in Germany, I think. Not sure it works that well in the English speaking world though.

poppydaisy Mon 03-Jan-11 21:53:25

And I know a French Florent, the male version of Florence.

dappleton Tue 04-Jan-11 11:06:48

Thank you all for your suggestions so far. Rather liking some of the suggestions from vintageteacup and shoppingdays - Oliver and James are nice, cute for younger children but sensible as they get older (as much as I love Archie and Oscar I can't imagine using these names for adults plus they kinda remind me of cats and dogs from childhood!). IMO the male forms of Florence still sound quite feminine.
Edwin and Alexander might also be options - i'll put these to DH and see how we get on!
Going back to Joshua, perhaps its not as common as I thought, it just seems everytime i'm around children under 10yrs there seems to be at least one Josh/Joshua....mmmm...decisions,decisions...

everlong Tue 04-Jan-11 11:24:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dappleton Tue 04-Jan-11 11:37:30

Thanks Everlong - i'm starting to think the popularity of Joshua is just in my imagination - I must admit even though I hear it a lot, personally I only know one and he's 12. It's my husbands favourite boy's name and i do really like it, I was just really worried about how popular it is (or I thought it was). I have other names i like but they just don't seem to be as nice as Joshua or Sebastian (and I can't use Sebastian as it's a mouthful with our surname).

Starting to feel a bit more reassured now that this baby will actually have a name by the time he is born!

donnie Tue 04-Jan-11 18:15:13

or how about Laurence? I like that name.

evamummy Tue 04-Jan-11 19:07:11

Laurence is nice, but I'd spell it Lawrence as Laurence is the female version of Laurent in French. I happen to know a lovely Laurence in her early 40s.

Hedwig3 Wed 05-Jan-11 10:56:31

I have a pregnant friend who has chosen Florence or Laurence for a girl or a boy.

Moffit Wed 05-Jan-11 12:30:00

I really like Florence (it was my nans name) and I also like Joshua. Don't worry about popularity, just choose a name that you love and can live with forever!

Great taste in names IMO! Good Luck

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