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Driving myself to distraction

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JojoMags Sat 01-Jan-11 18:29:50

Afraid I've been here before, but am 31 weeks pg with DS 3 and am stuck for a name. Trouble is I knew what I would call my older two boys almost from the moment of conception (they are William and Edward) and I feel unsettled by not being able to think of anything I like as much for this one. I love traditional English names, but don't want anything too stuffy. James, Joseph, Alexander, Thomas and Peter are out for family reasons. Middle name of this baby is to be George (again, family reasons).

I love Hugh but it really doesn't go with our surname or with the middle name imo. Hugo goes and I like it but DH seriously not keen. Others on our shortlist:

Robert (nn Robbie)
Samuel (obviously nn Sam). Love this but too widely used?

Honest opinions and other suggestions please! And is Hugo just too rah/public schoolboy as DH suggests or is it quite cool?

onimolap Sat 01-Jan-11 18:34:13

If you go for Henry, you'll have a set of Thomas the Tank Engine's friends. Would that bother you?

I like Henry and Hugo most from your list.

tebbles Sat 01-Jan-11 18:37:03

I don't think Samuel/Sam is too widely used. If you really like it I would use it!

It goes very nicely with Edward and William. In my opinion William is a lot more popular and widely used, so it this didnt/doesnt bother you then I would choose for Samuel.

I also quite like Robert and Nathaniel

I dislike Henry.

tebbles Sat 01-Jan-11 18:39:54

Also I dont see Hugo as a public school boy name at all!! I have known only a few Hugos (all under 12) and they dont match this image at all!

I like Hugo as well (had assummed it had been ruled out).

AnnOnimous Sat 01-Jan-11 18:45:03

I think Charles works well with William and Edward.

Or maybe Philip?

MistletoeMush Sat 01-Jan-11 18:54:01

I was going to say Henry before seeing your list. Also like Robert and Samuel. What about Francis (nm Frank/ie, Daniel or Jacob?

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 18:56:55

I like Robert but not Robbie. Like samuel.

Don't like Henry.

Hugo okay although seems to be getting popular if you take MN as a measure anyway!

h=Have you considered Rupert?

William and Edward are lovely. James, Benedict, Bartholomew, Rupert or Laurence would go nicely too.

LadyBubbaAndBump Sat 01-Jan-11 19:00:37

If some of yours are out, and you're looking for new inspiration, what about Alexander, Jonathan, Benjamin or Frederick. All easy to nn, go well with William and Edward too...

allbie Sat 01-Jan-11 20:39:09

Henry is nice. Like the name Arthur.

JojoMags Sat 01-Jan-11 21:26:30

Thanks for your suggestions. DH vetoed Charles and Arthur, which is a shame as I love the latter. I know without consultation that he would veto Rupert. It goes well with William and Edward though. Frederick is a no-go as the 3 Freddies I have known have all been little monsters! Think Samuel is still my favourite and Nathaniel is DH's. Just seems important that baby gets a good name and not leftovers!

NineLadiesDancingThroughLife Sat 01-Jan-11 22:20:56

I like Henry and Hugo. But Samuel/Sam is really nice too.

Can't George be his forenmae, or does it have to be middle name?

mathanxiety Sun 02-Jan-11 00:12:07

All the names are lovely. Samuel (nn Sam) would be my choice. It's a fabulous little brother name and would go well with the other two (both very nice names themselves).

Robert would be my second choice and Robbie is lovely as a nn.

Samuel and Robert would both be unusual though classic names.

William, Edward and Henry is very Kings of England.

Nathaniel is nice but I think Samuel and Robert are nicer.

Hugo isn't really too rah rah any more; I think it fits into the trend of boys' names ending with O (Milo, Arlo, Jago, Ivo)

Speaking of which, would you consider

ShoshanaBlue Sun 02-Jan-11 02:55:02

I like Hugo best.

ChippingIn Sun 02-Jan-11 03:10:26

I'm not keen on Hugo and with a William and an Edward, Hugo just seems too short - like you ran out of full length names grin

I think both Nathaniel - Nate or Samuel - Sam work well, but I'd sway more towards Nate myself.

nooka Sun 02-Jan-11 05:37:54

I like Robert best.
Other good kingly names not already on your list: Stephen, Richard, John

LittleYellowTeapot Sun 02-Jan-11 19:28:36

What about Daniel George?

Will, Ed and Dan.
Love it! smile

Komondor Tue 04-Jan-11 12:16:50


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