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BarbieLovesKen Fri 31-Dec-10 13:10:32

Despite having ages yet, Im really panicing about a boy's name - to a point that Im getting worried as there is very little I actually love. Most are just ok and anything I do find pretty nice, dh hates and vice versa.

We adore our Ds's name - possibly a little too much as we're finding it very hard to follow it if that makes sense. Am worried if this ones a boy, he'll be getting a second best name as it couldnt possibly be as nice as ds's name (to us anyway). I know that sounds silly blush. (Ds's name is Oisín)

We're pretty much set on a girl's name. (Most likely Kate Gabriella or Kate Scarlett a la Gone with the Wind but could possibly be an Adrienna/e or Gabrielle/a too)

Anyway, would really appreciate if you could have a look at our list of boy's names (and be as blunt as possible please as really, Im we're not in love with any!!!)

My shortlist:
Iarla or Iarlaith (pronounced Ear-la)(is this girly? probably my favourite, I think but still not completely sold on it.
Naoise pronounced Nee-sha (too girly?)
and suprisingly (different from the rest)
Alfie and Harry (I know these are hugely popular in UK, but arent here, havent heard of either and quite low down in charts).
Did like Elijah but think I've gone off it now.

DH's shortlist:
Cianan (this isnt even a name, as far as Im aware)
He has also mentioned Cíaran and loves Cathal (irish for Charlie)

I know, some of his are perfectly nice names but I find them terribly boring and ordinary as in theres 600 of each around here. (p.s. we are Irish and are living in Ireland)

Could you give me your vote or thoughts on each? Thank you all so much.

BarbieLovesKen Fri 31-Dec-10 13:13:36

ooops have reposted this with a thread title "boys name shortlist. honest opinions please"

Please ignore this one!!

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