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Eva or Ava? Ahh, help!

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heylittlediddle Sun 19-Dec-10 23:29:13

DH and I are finding it impossible to choose between the two. We have quite a long tongue-twister Spanish surname so we wanted easy names that flow well. It's getting close to due date now though and we still can't decide.

Which one you like best? x

PollyMorfic Sun 19-Dec-10 23:30:50

Eva. More classic, and works in more languages.

LittlePushka Sun 19-Dec-10 23:43:13

Oh I like reminds me of the beautiful Ava Gardner.

(I believe in France & Germany the name "Eva" is pronounced Ava...just to make your choice even more impossible!)

Edmundo Mon 20-Dec-10 00:21:58

I see Ava as more classic and sets it apart from all the Eves and Evies.

madhattershouse Mon 20-Dec-10 00:24:28

Another vote for Ava..think it would sound great with a Spanish surname!

ShoppingDays Mon 20-Dec-10 10:51:13


MardyQuickFollowThatStar Mon 20-Dec-10 10:55:04

I like both a lot (sorry no help).

festivefriedawhingesagain Mon 20-Dec-10 10:57:41

Ava for me, it was very nearly DD's name.

christmaseve Mon 20-Dec-10 11:10:42

We have a little Ava in our family, it's a lovely name, so is Eva!

perpetuallypregnant Mon 20-Dec-10 11:27:57

I have an Ava Beautiful!
Eva is lovely too but I hear a lot more of those than Avas.

SilveryMoon Mon 20-Dec-10 11:30:08

I prefer Ava. It was on my list for if ds2 was a girl.

RatherBeOnTheMulledWine Mon 20-Dec-10 11:34:23

Do bear in mind they are both incredibly popular along with Eve/ Evie. Certainly where we are SW London.

The reason is they are both lovely.

Nightstar Tue 21-Dec-10 20:51:06

I wouldnt use it at all as very over done recently.

But if you must then Ava is much better with Spanish name.

There is a huge number of E names out there right now, Evelyn, Evie, Eve, Eva, Ellie, etc etc

BlackWhitePlaid Tue 21-Dec-10 20:51:44


shopalot Tue 21-Dec-10 20:52:54

I teach a Spanish girl and she is called Eva but it is pronounced "Ava" - just to confuse you even more!!!

lovinme Tue 21-Dec-10 20:55:20

Definately Ava,that's my DD name and as for it being really popular I would say it depends where you live my Ava is the only one where I live that I know of.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Dec-10 20:56:12

Agree that they are both incredibly popular at the moment and not just in SW London RatherBeOn, but here too in the NW.

If I had to choose it would be Eva but like Nightstar says, she will be one of a crowd of Evelyn, Eva, Eve, Evie, Ellie, Ava, Ella and even the odd Evangaline.

tammytoby Tue 21-Dec-10 21:50:33

Both Eva and Ava are overused and will soon start to sound dated as they fall out of 'fashion' again...

I'd look for another, less overused name if you can.

Baublepink Tue 21-Dec-10 22:06:06

Ava is lovely, and I think would definitely go with a Spanish surname nicely.

Eva is nice but... really overused and blends in too much to all the other very popular E names eg Eve, Evie, Elle and Ellie, like someone else said. I like the symmetry of spelling and glamorous association of Ava smile

Komondor Wed 22-Dec-10 10:21:23


joyandherboys Wed 22-Dec-10 18:52:07

We had choose ava for our first child as hospital said we were having a girl just a shame i couldnt use it as she was a he lol
if this one is a girl im sure we will have ava as it is a unusual and lovely name x

mazzystartled Wed 22-Dec-10 18:54:58

I love both names (obviously both v popular at the mo, but I wouldn't let that bother me), but my mum is called Eva and she says she has hated her name all of her life. sad

TheCrackFox Wed 22-Dec-10 19:02:46


stillfrazzled Thu 23-Dec-10 13:25:43

Eva would have been my name had DS2 (due in 6 weeks) been DD...

tebbles Thu 23-Dec-10 13:32:03

I would go for Ava. This is because the pronounciation for Eva cofuses me. Is it like "Ever" or Eee-va.

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