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Unique names with a family link

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KatF Wed 15-Dec-10 09:45:19

I am trying to come up with unique names for our baby that still have a family link. For example I really like the name Sorcha if its a girl, my husband is Irish and his mothers name is Sarah. As I understand Sorcha is the Irish equivalent of Sarah so I thought this was a fitting way to show 'respect' to my mother in law but with out naming our daughter directly after her.

Boys names are a little harder as my husbands deceased fathers name is Brendan and my father would like his family name of Frew involved. I personally dont mind the name Brendan Frew but my husband isnt so sure. The problem is finding a first name that goes with Brendan Frew!

Our last name is Flynn, any suggestions would be appreciated

EauRudolph Wed 15-Dec-10 09:57:13

How about the maiden name of a grandmother or a place name of where the family is from? Both are quite common in family name traditions but it doesn't always work grin

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