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Some girls names

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tummytickler Fri 10-Dec-10 17:56:20

I would love some opinions on these please!
I am working on my list to put to dh! It is rather long - sorry.

Gwendolen (Wendy/Gwen)
Shirley (possibly not with dd Pearl though)

I think i might have forgotten one or two!
Opinions much appreciated - thanks!

everybodysang Fri 10-Dec-10 18:00:37

I absolutely love Gwen (I think it's because I know an incredibly nice Gwendolyn).

I think Joy is quite sweet but I can't say any of the others appeal - particularly Phyllis, Sybil and Enid, just toooo old fashioned.

AllieW Fri 10-Dec-10 18:00:42

Mary, Gwen and Shirley are my favourites.

Eglu Fri 10-Dec-10 18:01:13

Not overly keen on old fashioned names myself. I don't mind Auguasta.

cece Fri 10-Dec-10 18:01:50

Out of those I would use Mary, Enid, Joy or Judith.

How about Joan?

ShoppingDays Fri 10-Dec-10 18:45:28

I like Angela, Mary, Eileen, Joy and Sybil best from your list

Some of the others sound a bit harsh.

tummytickler Fri 10-Dec-10 20:20:07

I love Joan, but it is too close to dh's name.
Thanks for the opinions. Any more?
I might start a tally chart grin

suspiria Fri 10-Dec-10 21:43:42

I like Augusta,Gwendolen,Judith and Joy

I prefer Sibylla to Sybil

cece Fri 10-Dec-10 22:05:18

Esther is lovely too.

MelinaM Fri 10-Dec-10 22:07:15

Hmm i think some of these are quite dated -Judith, Angela etc.. and not in a good way, sorry no offence meant! Rita is lovely though! x

BelligerentGhoul Fri 10-Dec-10 22:07:43

Angela - not overly fond
Judith - nope
Mary - nope
Eileen - nope
Joy - lovely
Augusta - ugly
Gwendolen (Wendy/Gwen)Love Gwen and Gwendoline but hate Wendy (and it is my middle name)
Shirley (possibly not with dd Pearl though) - horrible
Jean - no
Rita - no
Phyllis - no
Sybil - no
Enid - yes

Most of them sound quite 'hard' to me.

HelenaRose Sat 11-Dec-10 12:21:50

Angela - knew a lovely one
Judith - knew a total b*tch
Mary - timeless
Eileen - 'come on'
Joy - beautiful
Augusta - not keen at all
Gwendolen (Wendy/Gwen) - nice
Shirley - 'I am being serious and don't call me Shirley'
Jean - don't like it at all
Rita - I think is due a comeback..
Phyllis - bit flouncy for me
Sybil - not keen
Enid - I think this could work

darleneconnor Sat 11-Dec-10 12:29:14

Angela- hate 'angie' nn
Mary- bloody
Eileen- prefer Elaine
Joy- what if personality doesn't suit?
Augusta- like
Gwendolen (Wendy/Gwen)- ugly, Wendy is a totally diferent name, fine to use on its own
Shirley (possibly not with dd Pearl though) no
Jean- fine
Rita- too 1960's
Phyllis- blue rinse
Sybil - Fawlty
Enid- Blyton

It sound like you are trying too hard.

theagedparent Sat 11-Dec-10 13:02:30

Mary, Gwen and Jean are my favourites

Secretwishescometrue Sat 11-Dec-10 13:55:17

Mary would be my favourite how bout Anna?

tummytickler Sat 11-Dec-10 14:38:09

not keen on Anna, but i do quite like Anne and Annie. Dh has red hair though, and he says we cant have a red headed daughter named Annie, so he wont let me use it!

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