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Sibling for Freya ... Francesca?

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germinal Thu 09-Dec-10 04:27:53

Have a lovely 2 yr old daughter, Freya. Pregnant with No.2. Have perfect boys name lined up but really stuck for girls names that match Freya! I love Anna but concerned it is a little boring (uninterseting surname btw). I also LOVE Ramona and Francesca. DH loves all three too confused Do Freya and Francesca sound like they were born of different fathers? Like I've done a tour of Europe wink?

Maelstrom Thu 09-Dec-10 04:53:33

Why do they have to match? To be honest, I think that Anna is much better.

germinal Thu 09-Dec-10 06:11:09

Oh, I don't want them matchy matchy. I just want names that sound nice together, and in some way suit each other. For example I wouldn't have a child with a really old fashioned name and then a child with a "modern name" because I think it sounds strange (Victoria and Tracy .... William and Jaxon). Anna is a lovely name though.

StockingsAtCrapOClock Thu 09-Dec-10 06:15:53

I think Freya and Francesca are fine together. Lovely names.

My two have different 'nationality' names (dh and I have 4 nationalities between us) and no-one has ever commented on their names together. Actually, they roll off the tongue pretty well together.

nooka Thu 09-Dec-10 06:19:24

Freya and Francesca sounds very matchy matchy to me. And a bit of a tongue twister too. I also think it is better not to have names with the same initial. All three are nice names, but I think that Anna is probably the best match, although I'd be looking for a name with a different sort of sound myself (ie not ending in "a"), not a totally different vibe though I agree with you on that although Freya is in the sort of middle ground of names where you could probably go classic or unusual without a problem - I'd probably only think twice with a mix like Freya and say Sharon.

germinal Thu 09-Dec-10 06:50:02

I don't know why I didn't use Francesca first time around! I love it and feel like I can't use it now, if it is matchy matcy or, conversly, mismatched with Freya sad.

Naming is so much harder than you think it's going to be isn't it?

StockingsAtCrapOClock Thu 09-Dec-10 07:07:19

I think if you love Francesca then you should just go for it.

They are not going to walk around hand-in-hand for the rest of their lives. Ime, people only tend to lump sibling names together occasionally.

I would prioritise a name I loved over a name I felt was compatible with a sibling's name. (But then we did do that, so I am biased! And the names fit really well together now, because you see the child's individuality associated with the name as they grow, rather than 'just the name' if that makes sense?)

StockingsAtCrapOClock Thu 09-Dec-10 07:07:50

But you are right - naming is a bloody nightmare grin

nooka Thu 09-Dec-10 07:17:46

My reservation is more to do with the fact I've two very close in age so they become very quickly "ds-dd" and from the point of view of parenting that's true for a long time. If the OP has more than two children that won't be such an issue of course.

mousesma Thu 09-Dec-10 07:22:38

Personally I don't like it when all the children's names start with the same letter. It's a bit too matchy matchy.

That being said its your baby and if you and DH love it then you should use it and to hell with what anyone else thinks

wigglesrock Thu 09-Dec-10 08:29:47

I love the name Francesca, am pregnant with dc3 and am going with Anna funny enough!! The only thing with Francesca is that I wouldn't be sure what it might be shortened to, not a Fran, Franny fan. I know people shorten it to Cesca etc but I find that a bit contrived, not all names are shortened but I have a short name that is shortened even more as a nn grin

I also think Freya is beautiful and wouldn't necessarily worry about the matchiness!! Ps I'm stuck for boys names, lend me some grin

FanjolinaJolie Thu 09-Dec-10 08:33:20

Both names are nice but sound a bit twee together IMO. They don't need to match at all.

proudfoot Thu 09-Dec-10 08:36:05

I think they are fine together and both lovely names

BarbieLovesKen Thu 09-Dec-10 10:14:03

Freya and Francesca are both beautiful names but I really dont think they should be put together - not because they dont/ do match stylistically but purely because they both begin with the same letter.

I hate when people do this and it usually looks intentional. Think (and I do know its only pretend grin) Lynette from Desperate Housewives - her children: Porter, Parker, Presten, Penny and Paige. It actually annoys me how silly this sounds and dh and I often snigger a little at it.

Think Anna and Ramona are both really lovely. (I've always loved the name Ramona) and either would "go" so much better..

ShoppingDays Thu 09-Dec-10 10:49:07

Anna is gorgeous.

Ramona is OK but sounds a bit like "moaner".

How about Rowena?

pickledsiblings Thu 09-Dec-10 11:03:04

I know sisters that are Freya and Phoebe - lovely I think.

pastahat Thu 09-Dec-10 11:24:54

We have DD1 Freya and also considered Francesca (and Florence) for DD2 before deciding it was a bit too much of a tongue twister.. some letters work for two names (eg Anna and Alice sound fine) but i think F is one of those more tricky ones! Anna and Ramona are both lovely and i don't think Anna is too boring at all. Also i still think Freya is a lovely name (even more so than Francesca) so don't regret your choice for DD1!

Bue Thu 09-Dec-10 12:29:42

I find two Fr- names way too matchy. Sorry! I would go with Ramona.

Hedwig3 Thu 09-Dec-10 13:50:30

Anna is far too elegant to ever be boring!

DasherandSmugly Thu 09-Dec-10 13:51:29

I like Ramona best from your list.

colditz Thu 09-Dec-10 13:52:41

I REALLY like Ramona.

because there was a book called Ramona The Pest, and I wanted to be her.

colditz Thu 09-Dec-10 14:00:55

in keeping with the norse theme

Kara - a valkyrie and swan maiden (tragic death though)
Eisa - means 'Embers', daughter of Loki
Hertha - goddess of the plough
Sunna - sun goddess
Laga - Goddess of springs and wells - look, I dind't write this, ok?
Holda - trinity goddess, representing the three stages of womanhood, the maiden, the mother and the crone.

BarbieLovesKen Thu 09-Dec-10 14:54:00

Agree that Anna is too elegant and classic to be boring

MadameCastafiore Thu 09-Dec-10 15:00:16

I hate it when siblings have names that start with the same letter - always think of the dodgy Fowlers on Eastenders - Mark, Michelle and Martin.

Go with Anna it is a perfectly pretty name.

germinal Thu 09-Dec-10 22:35:47

Thanks so much for all the opinions... It seems that the double 'Fr" sound is going to annoy people and sound contrived or twee. Which is what I was worried about so might drop that idea.

Down to Anna and Ramona. Although DH now thinks Luella should be thrown into the mix confused. Ho hum.

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