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Daphne or Josephine?

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MissHavishamsDress Thu 02-Dec-10 17:19:21

I love both but dh feels that Josephine is too commonplace and we might fight over nicknames, as I love Posy and he doesn't. He favours Daphne. Which do you prefer?

Do you know any young girls with either name?

belgo Thu 02-Dec-10 17:20:27

Josephine too commonplace? Where do you live?

Delphine is nice. Daphne is just awful.

boogeek Thu 02-Dec-10 17:20:31

Daphne is lovely and uncommon

LetThereBeRock Thu 02-Dec-10 17:22:55

Definitely Josephine. Daphne is utterly hideous.

Tortington Thu 02-Dec-10 17:23:48

i have a neighbour called daphne - we (secretly) refer to her as Daffers

MrToad Thu 02-Dec-10 17:26:22

There is a little Daphne at playgroup, known as "Daff". There have been many hmm faces and comments about the name, even though we live in an area where all the kids have unusual names.

MissHavishamsDress Thu 02-Dec-10 17:27:53

I like Delphine too belgo but my gut instince tells me the 'ine' makes it sound a bit cheap. Don't know why. Prefer Delphi. Don't know why not the same with Josephine.

Daphne is not awful; lovely, very elegant.

Takver Thu 02-Dec-10 17:30:50

I have a Josephine, nn Josie - so far I've met one other little girl called Josie (not as a nn), and none others called Josephine in full.

Daphne is also a nice name, though.

Takver Thu 02-Dec-10 17:31:48

Of course, I have met a fair few adults called Josephine/Josie/Jo - but it doesn't seem particularly well used at the moment.

onimolap Thu 02-Dec-10 17:34:34

Daphne is the generic name for new young female officers of the British Army (the male equivalent is Rupert).

I know one dog called Daphne, and one lady over pension age. I've never (knowingly) met a Josephine, but it's quite possible it's the full version of some of the Jo's I know (aged 30 and 40s). It's also the name of the main character in the Chalet School books.

I like Posy; were you thinking of it as a free-standing name, or a nn for something?

Caoimhe Thu 02-Dec-10 17:36:49

Not Daphne - no way - it's for Great-Grannies, dogs and Scooby Doo.

Josephine is lovely - I don't know any little Josephines.

DilysPrice Thu 02-Dec-10 17:37:20

Either is fine, but when you put them together I am reminded irresistably of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon in Some Like It Hot. So don't be tempted to use them both.

MissHavishamsDress Thu 02-Dec-10 17:38:07

Interesting onimolap, didn't know that re the female officers.

Posy would be a nn for Josephine. But dh not keen on it.

Takver Thu 02-Dec-10 17:45:34

Several other nns, though - Josie, Jo, Feenie, Seph

MissHavishamsDress Thu 02-Dec-10 17:55:47

Caoimhe, great-granny names are the ones to pick now. smileThink of Ruby etc.

MissHavishamsDress Thu 02-Dec-10 17:57:59

Dilys, is that what Tony & Jack were called in 'Some Like it Hot?' grin

onimolap Thu 02-Dec-10 18:00:10

You might also want to have a look here at Tottering-by-Gently: I think this Daffy is fabulous (and probably what the Army Daphnes turn into).

SoupDragon Thu 02-Dec-10 18:01:33

Not Daphne. It's a dreadful, weak name for someone who faints at the drop of a hat.

Caoimhe Thu 02-Dec-10 18:04:43

Oh yes MissHavishamsdress - I know several Rubys, Mollys etc. I'm sure even Ethel and Myrtle must be making an appearance!! grin

Don't know why but Daphne just sets my teeth on edge but love Josephine.

DilysPrice Thu 02-Dec-10 18:05:51

Yes I think so MissH, can't quite remember which was which.

Showaddywaddy Thu 02-Dec-10 18:06:56

I think Josephine is increasing in popularity but it's certainly not commonplace at all. I love it and if I ever had another dd, she'd be Josephine. I like Phin as a nickname.

I do not like Daphne at all. It's hideous.

MissHavishamsDress Fri 03-Dec-10 06:53:04

Funny Soup, I see Daphne as an extremely vivacious, upbeat kind of name
Listen to this 'Daphne' by Django Reinhart:

Here she's a Charleston-dancing 20/30s minx.

BikeRunSki Fri 03-Dec-10 07:00:26

Josephine - Absolutely lovely
Daphne - Horrid. Will always be the physio in Frazier to me.

Don't knoe any babies with either name though.

A1980 Sat 04-Dec-10 21:08:24

Josephine is nice: I like Josie as a nickname, it's cute.

Daphne is horrible. It also reminds me of the course DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) for type 1 diabetics.

Have you thought about Stephanie?

swanandduck Sat 04-Dec-10 21:23:04

I think they're both horrible. Posy is quite nice, though.

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