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Has anyone ever named their baby from a suggestion on MN

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Suncottage Wed 01-Dec-10 19:37:48

If so what was it and who suggested it?

So many MN's post to ask for suggestions but I don't get to know what they actually chose?

I always post suggestions and would luuuurve to know if my 'name' was even thought about or even chosen.

[stamps foot very prettily and flounces]


BarbieLovesKen Wed 01-Dec-10 21:08:10

I havent up to now, no but (probably a little patheticly really) am very much swayed by what MNetters say.

I am really, really stuck between either Gabriella and Kate if this ones a girl and have a thread running about it - I honestly believe Im going to use whatever is front runner by way of votes on that thread. Sad really, suppose I must trust you lot!

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 01-Dec-10 21:11:14

There was arizonagirl's long 'Beauden' thread recently. She chose Skyler in the end - I'm pretty sure that was a mumsnetter's suggestion!

BarbieLovesKen Wed 01-Dec-10 21:14:10

(hijack sorry) how are you, CuppaTea?

(Yes! your right about Skyler - that was a mumsnetter's suggestion)

TheUnmentioned Wed 01-Dec-10 21:14:56

yes!! forcerastudent essentially chose my 9 week old dds name grin

TheUnmentioned Wed 01-Dec-10 21:15:15

argh foreverastudent

BarbieLovesKen Wed 01-Dec-10 21:15:32

what was it unmentioned??????

Suncottage Wed 01-Dec-10 21:16:10


Ooooohh ooooooh Kate! I love that name

[never expect to find out though]

Then again I was Sarah until my registration then my parents changed their minds and gave me a poncy nice name with Katherine as a middle name then called me Katie.

When I started school I was called by poncy first name and have been known by it ever since.


TheUnmentioned Wed 01-Dec-10 21:19:54

if i say i will be way too identifiable sorry!!!

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 01-Dec-10 21:20:38

Hi Barbie, I'm fine now thanks! How is everybody on the JueinJune thread? I'll pop over and say hello soon!

BarbieLovesKen Wed 01-Dec-10 21:27:11

Suncottage am going to add your vote to my "kate" side... grin

Completely understandable unmentioned - no problem!!.

Cuppatea so lovely to bump into you, was wondering how you were. Am glad that your feeling well. Everyones well, had some more sad news unfortunately from some. We'd love to hear from you but completely understand also if you dont want to pop by.

OP, Im really sorry, I really have hijacked this thread!!!

FoxyRevenger Wed 01-Dec-10 22:32:39


<totally biased and doesn't care>

AmyFarrahFowler Wed 01-Dec-10 23:19:41

I haven't chosen one because of MN but I have not chosen one because of criticism of it on here. I won't say what it was, but it was a lovely name that everyone said I. Could. Not. Use. sad

lowrib Thu 02-Dec-10 02:01:42

Well they must have done because I've been suggesting Elodie as a name to anyone who'll listen on MN, and now it's becoming popular. Must be the power of MN grin

Violet5 Thu 02-Dec-10 07:50:43

I saw Miranda on this board, i hadn't considered it before and fell in love with it. It was going to be our girls name but 20 week scan revealed baby is a boy smile he's due in 13 days but we're still deliberating over his name.

lowrib Thu 02-Dec-10 08:14:50

Miranda is a nice name. <makes mental note>

lowrib Thu 02-Dec-10 08:17:37

"I haven't chosen one because of MN but I have not chosen one because of criticism of it on here. I won't say what it was, but it was a lovely name that everyone said I. Could. Not. Use."

I think that's a shame sad. The MNet jury is pretty conservative when it comes to baby names IMO. People seem to think it's OK to say horrible things about names, when it's my experience in RL that people get simply used to unusual names once they've actually them used.

lowrib Thu 02-Dec-10 08:18:15

actually used them. Gah!

NinkyNonker Thu 02-Dec-10 09:58:35

I used a middle name suggested on here.

MrsvWoolf Thu 02-Dec-10 11:17:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nevergoogle Thu 02-Dec-10 11:20:12

i suggested Sol on a nature names for boys thread and the mumsnetter went with it.
Must have been 3 years ago.

highlighterpen Thu 02-Dec-10 11:27:03

DH loved the name Arthur. I was very hmm

Did a thread about it, most people seemed to love it.

Arthur's asleep upstairs.


nevergoogle Thu 02-Dec-10 11:35:17

that's so sweet highlighterpen. and a great name indeed.

highlighterpen Thu 02-Dec-10 11:38:21

Thank you. And it really suits him.

His ears must be burning - he's just woken up.

AmyFarrahFowler Thu 02-Dec-10 14:37:04

Thanks for saying it was a shame, I think it was too but it did give me a flavour of the opinions we might encounter in RL if we went with the name.

To be fair to the Mnetters who said not to use it, it is a very unknown name. Most thought I'd made it up, there are a few characters in some obscure books I like called it though, so I promise I hadn't made up something totally random!

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