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Identical twin boys please.

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hippy3 Wed 24-Nov-10 18:29:57

Hi am having ID twin boys and we have been racking our brains for names.

Have come up with Finn (My DP is Irish. also means fair and little warrior, and he is the smaller of the two), and Issac.

We loved finn and Artie, but of course in school it will be had to scrap that. Do not want names beginning with the same letters as want them to be as individual as possible...any other sugestions? smile

Highlandgirl Wed 24-Nov-10 18:36:56

Finding 1 name is tough but 2....!! Think Finn is a great name and love Artie but understand the fartie bit.. smile

Archie, Sam, Theo, Hugh/o, Edward, Thomas

Along the right lines hippy or way off???

ItsJustMyOpinion Wed 24-Nov-10 18:44:19

I know a little boy called Riley Finn, he is such a sweetie.

My brothers are twins, but luckuly not identical, but their names both begin with M, so when they started getting post addressed to Mr M xxx they would open each other's post.

Archie, Charlie, Jacob, Bily??

Highlandgirl Wed 24-Nov-10 18:45:41

Finn and Charlie...sounds IMO lovely!

Noah, Harry??

hippy3 Wed 24-Nov-10 18:48:20

lol....thought about Archie as well... that was one I loved but my partner not so keen...

I Loved alfie as well and Albie....but hes not into them.

Monty I quite like... i also quite like hugo ?? seem to hear names and think oh that sounds nice... its hard when u realise they are going to be left with these forever..and im not even thinking about middle names at the moment!! just acnt get my head around that....!

thisisyesterday Wed 24-Nov-10 18:49:58

Finn and Isaac are both lovely

what about Arthur? you could use Artie as a nickname but it doesn't have to be used at school?

SixtyFootDoll Wed 24-Nov-10 18:55:33

I love Finn and Isacc go well together too

SixtyFootDoll Wed 24-Nov-10 18:55:33

I love Finn and Isacc go well together too

jewelsforxmasplease Wed 24-Nov-10 19:28:43

otis sounds nice with it too

clumsymumluckybaby Wed 24-Nov-10 19:34:33

finn and issac are lovely smile
might've used them myself if family and freinds hadnt got there first grin
here are some others you might like just in case...




edward nn teddy






pranma Wed 24-Nov-10 19:36:43

I like Finn and Jake

freerangeeggs Wed 24-Nov-10 19:36:46

I'm sorry to be pedantic but Isaac is not spelled with 2 s's, but with 2 a's. I like it as long as it's spelled properly - other ways looks really weird and the last thing you want to look as though you're getting wrong is your own name!!

Finn and Isaac are gorgeous together. Arthur is actually pretty trendy at the moment and I like it. Finn and Arthur would be fab too.

LolaBellsAllTheWay Wed 24-Nov-10 19:37:38

If i had twin boys it would be Lauchlan and Cillian. Love those two names.

But i do like finn and isaac.

Aaron, caleb, leo?

oooggs Wed 24-Nov-10 19:38:48

congratulations on your twin news grin

mine are g/b so didn't have this problem

love Issac, Finn is nice too but very popular down here (Finley/Finlay as well)

Thomas is nice and one of its meanings is twin

Joshua? Jacob? James?

Edmundo Wed 24-Nov-10 19:39:18

I like Finn & Isaac and Finn & Arthur.

AvengingGerbil Wed 24-Nov-10 19:39:40

itsjustmyopinion - really? Riley Finn? As in Buffy's squeeze? Fandom or accident?

Edmundo Wed 24-Nov-10 19:41:10

Riley is awful.

Mrsmackie Wed 24-Nov-10 20:44:35

Love Isaac - spelt correctly though! And Finn is really nice too. Think they go well together

hippy3 Wed 24-Nov-10 20:51:25

oppssss Isaac..... I stand corrected !! Thanks there are LOADS of tips on here ! smile will have a chat with DP when he gets home. x

randomimposter Wed 24-Nov-10 20:58:33

Finn and Isaac is a lovely combo.

On the Irish leaning...
Rafferty and Malachy.
Joseph and Liam.

FWIW I love Arthur (dad's name and DS middle name) but don't think it runs with Finn at all.

If you're settled on Finn, how about Jude, Milo or Conor as partners.

Edmundo Wed 24-Nov-10 21:04:15

The founder of School Guru has a Finn (well he is Finlay) and an Arthur. I think they go very well together, and how cute are her boys?

I do like the suggestion of Milo. Rory goes well too.

bigbluebump Wed 24-Nov-10 21:24:26

Finn and Artie is not a good idea imo - fartie really is inevetitable amongs silly schoolboys grin.

I like Finn and Isaac.

thesecondcoming Thu 25-Nov-10 00:49:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FullaDoll Thu 25-Nov-10 06:57:48

Finn & Rafferty.

hatsybatsy Thu 25-Nov-10 11:04:47

Finn and Rory

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