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middle name for Anna?

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raspberrysanmurraspberrys Wed 24-Nov-10 17:43:46

Ok so our first dd was due yesterday and weve decided to call her Anna, but we cant find a middle name, DH likes Ann Ivy, and im not sure? Ivy has no special meaning to him he just says he likes it,and i think it would be nice for her to know her Daddy took an interested and picked her name, but ive had no positive reactions to the name Ivy, my mums midle name is louise and my middle name is louise so my family keep saying Anna Louise? Im open to any name though if i like the sound or/AND meaning.

what do you guys think? any other name suggestions? or should i go with ivy/louise?


Batteryhuman Wed 24-Nov-10 17:45:37


Summertime92 Wed 24-Nov-10 17:46:27

Louise is a pretty name how about Louisa as i dont think its good to burden a child with too many middle names!

raspberrysanmurraspberrys Wed 24-Nov-10 17:49:28

hahaha anna banana, actually my DH suggested Conda, get it lol?

skydance Wed 24-Nov-10 17:54:13

I was going to suggest Anna Louise, I think that goes really well!

Anna Lucy
Anna Maria

mathanxiety Wed 24-Nov-10 18:32:51

Anna Louise or Anna Louisa are both gorgeous.

Anna Lucinda
Anna Miranda
Anna Elizabeth
Anna Sophia
Anna Willow
Anna Francesca
Anna Ines
Anna Juliet

Katz Wed 24-Nov-10 18:37:04

my dd2 is Annalise and her middle name is Margaret, they go well together

RipMacWinkle Wed 24-Nov-10 18:57:09

I heard this name recently

Anna Cecilia

Beautiful and classic. I love it

Goingspare Wed 24-Nov-10 19:01:10

I have an Anna Catherine (but won't charge if you want to use it smile

SandStorm Wed 24-Nov-10 19:04:17

Anna Mae

mathanxiety Wed 24-Nov-10 19:04:33

Anna Olivia
Anna Lydia
Anna Livia (also a poetic name for the river Liffey, from Joyce)

philly82 Wed 24-Nov-10 19:37:32

I love the name Anna although slightly biased as I have a dd Anna who is almost 10 months...her middle name is Kathleen after my Grandmother as I think it's lovely to use a family name as a middle name.

I also think Anna Louise or Louisa are both beautiful

But the others we thought about were:

Anna Beth
Anna Elizabeth
Anna Katherine
Anna Zoe

We decided to go down the family name route though...and thought we might use Beth or Zoe for dc2 so we're glad we didn't use them as middle names now!!

Edmundo Wed 24-Nov-10 19:40:30

I really like Anna Ivy!

Alouiseg Wed 24-Nov-10 19:42:51

I'm Anna Louise and I rock

Whelk Wed 24-Nov-10 20:34:18

Anna Jasmine
Anna Rose
Anna Harriet
Anna Lucille

Hedwig3 Thu 25-Nov-10 11:37:49

Anna Miranda

I like the sound of longer name with another 'a' ending.

Any other family names?

IWouldNotCouldNotWithAGoat Thu 25-Nov-10 15:02:07

Anna Sophia is lovely

Anna Marie?

ShoppingDays Thu 25-Nov-10 17:19:48

Anna Ivy would be a lovely name. Anna Louise is nice but sounds a bit dated.

growing3rdbump Thu 25-Nov-10 17:40:53

My sister is Anna Elizabeth and I think it flows really well. I also like Anna Katherine, Anna Sophia and Anna Rose.

growing3rdbump Thu 25-Nov-10 17:43:03

ooh just read your post again - I like Anna Ivy best, but it would be nice to use your middle name as her middle name. My DD has my first name as her middle name and my DS shares a middle name with his Dad, Grandad and great Grandfather which is quite special.

Wheelybug Thu 25-Nov-10 17:49:00

Ooh Philly - snap (almost) - my dd1 is Anna Caitlin as my mother and grandmother had Kathleen as a middle name.

I like the name ivy but don't like the Anna Ivy combo. Same with Louisa (don't like 2 'a' sounds) but think Anna Louise sounds good and nice to have a family connection.

philly82 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:46:49

oooh Wheelybug...snap indeed!! Anna Caitlin is a gorgeous name - great taste ;) and I agree with you about the double 'a' sounds actually, although I do think Louisa is a lovely name, perhaps Louise sounds better with Anna...tricky job isn't it! But good fun too

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 25-Nov-10 22:00:19

Anna Robyn
Anna Leila
Anna Rose/ Rosie
Anna Belle/Bella
Anna Skye
Anna Maisie
Anna Sophia
Anna Delores

MuffinMouse Thu 25-Nov-10 22:00:33

Anna Louise works very well. I personally like Anna Claire.

Anna means graciousness, or grace of God. Claire means clear vision. A nice combination, IMO.

I'd avoid a mn that begins with a vowel as it sounds awkward. Ivy really doesn't work, or Una, Olivia, Alice, Eve etc.

Liking Anna Sophia too.

Anna Maria sounds very very Catholic/South American; but this might be what you want.

ShoppingDays Fri 26-Nov-10 09:41:08

Anna Felicity
Anna Violet
Anna Beatrice
Anna Juliet
Anna Lucy
Anna Holly
Anna Penelope
Anna Zoe

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