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Summertime92 Wed 24-Nov-10 13:36:18

i have decided not know the sex of my baby until its born! so me and my boyfriend have made a list of names and its between these lot!
Astin/Aston (not sure what spelling i like!)

MJM86 Wed 24-Nov-10 14:26:37

Hey there

Caden was one of our names but its so popular now we went off it.

Rhiannon was a name my little brother wanted us to consider but not my cup of tea.

Do all your names sound ok with your surname or boyfriends surname??

Ineedsomesleep Wed 24-Nov-10 14:43:13

Summer, Kaiden/Kayden/Cayden is very popular at the moment and I think it might date very quickly. From your boys I probably would choose Aston as Astin looks a bit made up. Well as long as his last name won't be Martin that is grin

Would probably choose Rhiannon from your girls list as I love the meaning of the name.

Summertime92 Wed 24-Nov-10 17:18:06

well my boyfriends surnames Clarke so i was worried about Kaiden sounding too rhyming

clumsymumluckybaby Wed 24-Nov-10 19:46:59

i like ashton from your listsmile...
im afraid i dont like any of the others,sorry

Ineedsomesleep Thu 25-Nov-10 07:40:48

Kaiden Clarke is alliteration, and I'll probably get flamed but I'm not a fan of alliteration in names but I know some people really like it.

Are you sure you are going to give the baby your boyfriend's last name and not yours?

MelinaM Thu 25-Nov-10 23:07:51

Ashton is the best from your list, Kaiden VERY popular at the mo!

cece Thu 25-Nov-10 23:09:41

Rhiannon is OK but I really don't like the other names.

Summertime92 Thu 25-Nov-10 23:21:10

well my last name is already hyphenated and more than two surnames sounds silly. so we decided we give the baby his last name

Summertime92 Thu 25-Nov-10 23:22:29

Im open to other names as well so feel free to make suggestions!

cece Thu 25-Nov-10 23:24:38

If you want something unusual and unique then go for John or Jane. You never meet a child with those names these days!

FunnysInTheGarden Thu 25-Nov-10 23:25:36

Raphael (Rafe)

grin just promoting my dc's namesgrin

Summertime92 Fri 26-Nov-10 00:07:57

Cece, Thats so true but im not a big fan of traditional names and its seems neither is anyone else anymore!

FunnysInTheGarden their very nice names! not something i see my partner agreeing with me on though!!! :D

Psammead Fri 26-Nov-10 08:40:44

Aston is quite nice.
Rhiannon is not my personal cup of tea, but there is nothing wrong with it

How about:



Good luck deciding - it's fun!

Psammead Fri 26-Nov-10 08:43:04

Oh, I forgot to say - there is a website called Nymbler where you type in names you like and ot comes up with others in your naming style. Hope that helps!

MouldyMoldie Fri 26-Nov-10 08:43:42

Rhiannon is nice but the rest are a bit Britney Spears, sorry.

ShoppingDays Fri 26-Nov-10 09:41:40

Ashton and Rhiannon.

Summertime92 Fri 26-Nov-10 10:07:41

Psammead, i love Nymbler! im considering reece but i like the welsh spelling (Rhys) more, Carters one of my surnames so im not too sure on it but i've always liked it. logans a pretty cool name aswell!

mathanxiety Fri 26-Nov-10 23:47:44

Aston with an O

and Rhiannon.

Caiden and Cheyenne are way too American (and Brittney Spearsish American too, agree MouldyMoldie)

Rhys, Reese or Reece are nice. As is Logan.

typsical Sun 28-Nov-10 16:05:10

My DS's middle name is River... DH chose it as he wanted something funky/trendy...?! I love it now and it really suits him. Good luck

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