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What do you think of Loic?

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expectingno3 Wed 24-Nov-10 13:29:12

DH get a bottle of cider out the fridge 'what do you think about Loic?' Its a French make of cider, or the Brewery...
We already have one dd with a french name, though we always use the shortedned version - Delphy. Is it is bit OTT to have two French names if we're not French? So shocked my DH has picked a name I vaugly like, I think I should take advantage of it.

activate Wed 24-Nov-10 13:31:57

it's ugly as a spelling

how would you pronounce it ? Is it Louis? If so why don't you call him Louis her Lois?

and why would you name a child after an alcohol brand?

activate Wed 24-Nov-10 13:32:11

chaardonnay grin

pooka Wed 24-Nov-10 13:33:03


Well delphie is a name, rather than a brewery brand/type of cider.

Loic seems a bit of a stretch to me. But if you like it....

alarkaspree Wed 24-Nov-10 13:36:34

I don't think many people in the UK will associate the name with a brand of cider. But they will have no idea how to pronounce it.

Delphy is pretty.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 24-Nov-10 13:47:34

confused I have no problem with naming children after drinks, but would really struggle with this name.
Is it male or female and how is it pronounced? Lo-ik, Lou-ic...........
Keep your DH away from the kitchen, he could suggest Trex or Bovril grin

expectingno3 Wed 24-Nov-10 13:54:18

Its a boys name. I think you pronouce it Low-ick. Hmm, quick replies, I take it thats a no - go then. From what quick research I've done, I think its the Germanic version of Louis, but used in France. I suppose I didn't really think about the fact a child would be named after a brand of cider. Just thought it sounded an ok name.
DH doesn't like Louis. I love Lois - its on my list.
You may laugh, my Dad wanted to name me Domra, after the russian instrument he played in the 60's...

Rockbird Wed 24-Nov-10 13:54:22

Trex has a rather funky sound about it, I think!

expectingno3 Wed 24-Nov-10 13:55:09

What is Trex?

Rockbird Wed 24-Nov-10 14:04:10


ElephantsAndMiasmas Wed 24-Nov-10 14:06:45

I would think it rhymed with Oik.

Lowick is a place you know, might that do?

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 24-Nov-10 14:08:06

Like most things it reminds me of Kath and Kim. That's how Kath would 'like' something.

However now I know how it is pronounced and that it's a bona fide name it is growing on me.

expectingno3 Wed 24-Nov-10 14:18:13

I'll ask DH if Lowick is in the running. Sounds like it might cause problems with spelling / pronounciation though.
Oh I love baking - maybe Trex is a goer!! grin

libelulle Wed 24-Nov-10 14:23:01

Loic is a fairly standard french boy's name. Pronounced Law-eek, or thereabouts. Certainly wouldn't have known it was anything to do with cider, don't think many french people would either!

I quite like it myself! Though even though I'm french we decided against a couple of french names for DCs because they didn't work in English, so not sure if I'd go for it personally.

expectingno3 Wed 24-Nov-10 14:33:24

Thanks for that insider (no pun intended) knowledge libelulle. Looks like I had completely the wrong pronounciation. I think its back to the drawing board.

pigindisguise Wed 24-Nov-10 15:31:11

I think it is a Breton name. Although I love it I wouldn't go with it unless I was of French origin

lilly13 Wed 24-Nov-10 22:41:04

sorry i cannot pronouce this name.. think it might be difficult of a lot of people who do not speak french...

Heathcliffscathy Wed 24-Nov-10 22:43:10

loic is a great name but i fear the worst for your son in england with it as it will be mispronounced the whole time.

thesecondcoming Thu 25-Nov-10 00:47:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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