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Which do you prefer

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tummytickler Tue 23-Nov-10 11:14:42

We are ttc no5 and have had 2 miscarriages this year, so last night we discussed names to keep our spirits up (as you do grin )

This is our current girls list, with 2 real front runners

Gwendolen / Gwendolyn

The two top contenders are Augusta and Gwendolen, then probably Eileen, Mary, Angela, Jean and Beryl. We love them all grin.

Dc's names are Iris, Eli, Pearl adn Amos, so want something unusual to go with them (don't even get started on boys names!)


cumbria81 Tue 23-Nov-10 11:21:39

I love Mary - great name!

Gwendolyn is quite nice too.

Augusta, Jean, Beryl, Angela and Eileen are quite ugly.

gegs73 Tue 23-Nov-10 11:23:25

Gwendolen is my fav really nice name. Sorry I'm not so keen on the others. Your other DCs names are lovely!!

CuppaTeaJanice Tue 23-Nov-10 11:24:27

Gwendolyn is nice, as long as it's not shortened to Wendy.

Beryl as a word is pretty, but has too many negative connotations - Beryl the Peril, overweight old women etc.

Most Angelas I've met have been quite bitchy so I associate the name with that.

Jean, Eileen, Mary - dinner ladies.

Augusta - I don't like the gus sound in the middle, too much like gusset.

To be honest, I don't think you've come across 'the name' yet. Your other four names are so cool, different, timeless and interesting and none of the names above quite match up. Plenty of time to keep looking though!! smile

DELHI Tue 23-Nov-10 11:28:46

Don't really like any of them, sorry. Gwendolyn was the mean girl at Malory Towers - that sticks in my head. Agree with CuppaTea re the others. Iris and Pearl are lovely.

maxpower Tue 23-Nov-10 11:32:37

one of those names is mine in RL - shock at some of the comments about it grin

my favourite would be Gwen(dolyn)

LetThereBeRock Tue 23-Nov-10 11:33:35

I love Mary. Angela is ok.

Beryl is utterly hideous. Jean is awful,Augusta too. Hate Eileen. Gwendolyn is just about ok, though reminds me of the rather unpleasant girl from Mallory Towers.

LetThereBeRock Tue 23-Nov-10 11:38:38

And you can't have a Pearl and a Beryl. It's sound ridiculous.

LetThereBeRock Tue 23-Nov-10 11:38:54


bigbluebump Tue 23-Nov-10 12:19:37

I love Gwendolyn and Mary. Lovely.
I like all the others apart from Jean.

pointydog Tue 23-Nov-10 12:30:02

I like Mary a lot. I've always been quite fond of Jean too.

Gwendolen is quite nice.

thereisalightanditnevergoesout Tue 23-Nov-10 14:10:52

What about just having Gwen? I know a nearly 4 year old Gwen and I think it's lovely - I think it would go with your other names, too.

From your list I like Mary and Jean is growing on me.

Secretwishescometrue Wed 24-Nov-10 01:35:10

I think Gwen is lovely, Gwendolyn just ott to me and doesn't flow nicely with your other dc's (sorry) I do like Mary (tis my middle name) but don't think its as pretty as Iris and Pearl which I think are very sweet. So sorry for your losses btw

diddl Wed 24-Nov-10 09:00:45

Can I suggest Edith?

Komondor Wed 24-Nov-10 10:49:23

1. Mary
2. Gwendolyn (nn Gwen)
3. Jean

Afraid I dont like the others.;

Bster Wed 24-Nov-10 11:53:40

Beryl is a little to much like Pearl and Eileen has a similar sound to Iris and similar look to Eli.

I love Gwendolen too (prefer that spelling) and Gwen is a really sweet nickname.

mloo Wed 24-Nov-10 11:55:42

Augusta is a lot to carry off.
I like Eileen best on your list.
X fingers for you on the TTC.

Guacamohohohole Wed 24-Nov-10 11:56:01

Gwendolen... Definitely!
If we ever have a girl I want her to be called Gwen... DH doesn't like though.

loobylu3 Wed 24-Nov-10 12:41:06

Sorry to hear about your MCs

I love the name Gwendolen although would agree with the others that Gwen 'goes' much better with your DC's names.
Mary is a lovely classic name, perhaps a little more classic/ serious sounding than your other DC's names but would still fit beautifully.

I'm not fond of the other names, especially Beryl, Angela and Eileen.
I like Irene though (pn Eye-reen-ee) but that would be too similar to Iris.

MrsvWoolf Wed 24-Nov-10 12:44:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsvWoolf Wed 24-Nov-10 12:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tummytickler Wed 24-Nov-10 14:02:40

Thank you all very much.
Dh loves Augusta, I prefer Gwendolen. Would definately rather Gwendolen than Gwen, as then i can call her Wendy if I want blush .
diddl not an Edith fan I am afraid. I really dislike the nn Edie.

I need twins and then I can call them Augusta adn Gwendolen (Gussie and Gwen!).

Thanks for taking the time to answer - I realise that it is not exactly urgent grin

Any more opinions?

suspiria Wed 24-Nov-10 14:14:39

I really like Augusta and Gwendolen

Mary,Eileen and Angela are my mother and two of her sisters names. Beryl and Jean are two of her friends.So they make me think of ladies of a certain age.

ShoppingDays Wed 24-Nov-10 14:26:29

I like Mary and Eileen best from your list, and Beryl and Angela are OK. Not keen on Augusta, Gwendolen/lyn, Jean as they sound harsher than the others.

How about Elise, Ivy, Clara, Audrey, Joan, Constance, Alice, Marjorie?

diddl Wed 24-Nov-10 15:16:46

If you like Wendy, why not use it?

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