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Opinion on name Annika please.

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mumsfrazzled Mon 22-Nov-10 22:47:51

Can you please give me opinions on name Annika it is an indian girls name, and also how would you prounounce it.

Katey1010 Tue 23-Nov-10 00:03:10

There was an Annika Rice on telly when we were young. Anne-ee-ka emphasis on the Anne, I think.

diddl Tue 23-Nov-10 08:14:55

I really like it.

Not good with phonetics, but would say Annieka iyswim.

Not a definite "e" sound.

hulabula Tue 23-Nov-10 09:46:10

I thought Annika was Scandinavian...

Hedwig3 Tue 23-Nov-10 09:52:36

I like it.

expectingno3 Tue 23-Nov-10 12:35:51

Hmm, I don't really like it - its quite a harsh sounding name. Maybe something to do with the k in the middle.

Psammead Tue 23-Nov-10 12:40:27

I like this name. Recently met a little girl called Annika and it really suited her.

Shame it would sound stupid with my surname (think Annika Monnika or so)

ANNE eh ka is how I pronounce it.

maktaitai Tue 23-Nov-10 12:42:17

Love it. There was a fairly racy drama on telly years ago about a Scandinavian teenage lovely called Annika... all the lads I knew were glued to the telly throughout.

ANN-ih-ka would be my pronunciation.

upahill Tue 23-Nov-10 12:43:00

Nice name. I like it.

SausageMonster Tue 23-Nov-10 20:19:30

Too 1980's for me

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