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stereo Sat 20-Nov-10 15:03:32

Hi all. How is Matthias pronounced - is it Ma -tie -as or Ma - thigh - as? Thanks!

stereo Sat 20-Nov-10 15:04:07

Or Ma - tay -as?!

rachel1970 Sat 20-Nov-10 15:20:06


Greenwing Sat 20-Nov-10 15:20:57

with an emphasis on the middle syllable. Nice name!

sophiesmummie Sat 20-Nov-10 15:30:56

The Matthias I know pronounces his name as

Mat-EE-as with the emphasis on the EE.

Thissideofchannel Sat 20-Nov-10 15:35:34

I've heard it pronounced both as Ma-TIE-as and Ma-TEE-as. Nickname is mostly Mat/Mattie.

FernieB Sat 20-Nov-10 17:56:16

Ma-tay-as. I'm in Germany and there are a lot of them around.

Notyetamummy Sat 20-Nov-10 19:51:08

I know a Ma - thigh - as.

evamummy Sat 20-Nov-10 21:40:05

I know a Ma-TEE-as.

freerangeeggs Sun 21-Nov-10 17:30:42

It can be pronounced both ways. In English it's usually Ma-thigh-as.

It's gorgeous but he will inevitably be a Matt! No bad thing, of course.

ttalloo Sun 21-Nov-10 17:33:35

I like it a lot - I know an English Ma-thigh-as, and a German Ma-tie-as.

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