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Do you have family names which you don't particularly like?

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nappyaddict Thu 18-Nov-10 02:51:04

DP's family middle names are Patrick, Chris and Andrew. Whilst I don't hate them I don't love them either. He would like Vera after his late Nan which I actually quite like and I think Barbara may have been mentioned which I don't mind either.

Our family middle name is Anne and Morgan. I'm not keen on Morgan for either sex, Anne is OK but I prefer Anna.

Did you use them despite not loving them in then name of tradition or did you break tradition for something you loved instead? If so how did the families take it?

beebuzzer Thu 18-Nov-10 03:23:18

My name is Martha and although I use to hate it I don't mid it so much now. It's kind of old fashioned but coming back into fashion I guess.

I do like Anna (one of my sisters middle names)
My nans name was matilda but more frequetly got called marion.
My little girls name is Elisa.

I like traditional, not so common names.
I think the meaning is important too.

diddl Thu 18-Nov-10 08:36:56

Don´t really have family names.

I don´t have a middle name.

My son has the same middle name as his dad & paternal grandfather-but tbh if I didn´t like it it wouldn´t have happened.

My daughter has my grandmother´s middle name-because I like it.

But if they don´t follow it on I won´t mind.

HelenaRose Thu 18-Nov-10 09:11:15

My partner's middle name is his father's first, despite the fact his father hated his first name and changed it. Family tradition despite logic, I think.

Dummyhunter Thu 18-Nov-10 09:41:02

we used the family names as middle names and when were questioned about it we just said that whilst keeping the family tradition we wanted our daughter to feel like an individual - it wasnt liked but it put them in their place

wigglesrock Thu 18-Nov-10 10:28:21

My two have family names as middle names but only the ones we liked, one is Mary (after both our mothers) and the other is Sarah (after a grandmother) if I didn't like any of the names I wouldn't use them. That being said we never use middle names, any of us not even on forms.

Teds77 Thu 18-Nov-10 11:41:38

DH's family name is Stephen which I wasn't sure about to start with but now am 100% committed to if I ever have a DS.

Will probably use family names from my side for any DDs. I know some people won't like them because they are along the lines of Vera and Barbara (both lovely I think) but again they have been real 'growers' for me. The more I thought about it the more I came to like them.

I'm not wedded to the idea of keeping with tradition but think it's nice if you find names you like.

MelinaM Thu 18-Nov-10 11:42:30

Mine are Alice, Anne, Sarah and Elizabeth. I love Elizabeth and Alice, much prefer Anna to Anne. But with Sarah -even though it's my first name- I'm not so keen, It really irks me when people automatically think they can call me Sah/Sar ...and then think I'm terribly rude when I correct them!!! I'd have preferred Sara, or better still a name that CANNOT be shortenedgrin
If you like them use them, if you don't find an alternative variation -or something entirely different! x

LittleYellowTeapot Thu 18-Nov-10 12:14:04

Reginald and Norman feature a fair bit in my family. I wouldn't use either of them!

Rosebud05 Thu 18-Nov-10 15:21:06

Both my children have got 2 middle names - sort of one from each side of the family. Our dd has my dh's mum's first name and my mum's middle name (as I really dislike her first name). Our ds has my dh's brother's name and the name of a close friend of mine, as I've never known any of the men in my family.

So, I'm all in favour of family names, but with personal choice being exercises rather than 'tradition'. I don't 'love' any of them as names, but their history/meaning feels more important iyswim.

Rhubarbgarden Thu 18-Nov-10 18:55:58

There was pressure on us from dh side to call a first son Antonius, which I dislike. In the end we agreed that if it was a boy, Antonius would be the middle name, and if a girl, she would get my Mum's name as a middle name. She's a girl

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