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Baby Girl Name: [Spanish] [From New Mexico, USA]

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DyingSwansClub Sun 14-Nov-10 16:52:48

This name was my grandmother's name - who I never met. She died in '45. "Andalescia" [On'daah-less-she'ah]. Or "Ondaa" for short.

'Andalescia'I think, is derived from the Spanish word "Andale' ["Hurry up, let's go"]{On'daa-lay}

MerryMarigold Sun 14-Nov-10 22:19:28

Do you want to call your child this? Or is it just interesting info?

CoteDAzur Sun 14-Nov-10 22:22:50

You mean Andalusia, surely.

lilly13 Mon 15-Nov-10 08:54:32

I think it will be difficult for someone to get the pronounciation correctly. I like the name, though!

belgo Mon 15-Nov-10 08:56:02

Fine as a middle name.

Spinaroo Mon 15-Nov-10 09:00:29

I also suspect it derives frome the Spanish region- although I hace never heard it pronounced as 'on'. Neither have I heard Andale pronounced as that.

Spinaroo Mon 15-Nov-10 09:02:40

Sorry- posted too early- I think you may get a lot of people mispronouncing it if you want it pronounced like this.

I would also check its origins before you tell anyone with any confidence where you believe it comes from.

lljkk Mon 15-Nov-10 09:25:53

In Spanish you'd pronounce that spelling Anh-duh-lay-see-uh (not a "she"). I can't think of a way to get a Spanish name to have the "she" sound (maybe I'm having a thick day, though blush); Such names do get Anglicised regularly to have a "she" sound in them, admittedly. Andalecia is a more common spelling, methinks (eg). And of course, if it's really authentic Spanish, you've got to get the lisp in the pronounciation, too.

Andy, Annie are obvious nicknames, as well.

It's okay, but be prepared for English tongues to regularly butcher it. Not that I'm sure that should matter, people manage to butcher some pretty traditional English names, too.

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 15-Nov-10 09:44:02

There is a lisp in Castilian Spanish but not Latin American Spanish.

MerryMarigold Mon 15-Nov-10 14:09:24

Onda is a 'wave' in Spanish. I'm also finding it hard to figure the pronounciation to what you have written - in Spanish or English! Maybe it was a made up name?

AtSea Mon 15-Nov-10 20:14:30

Andalucia, could I suggest Lucia instead possibly easier for pronounciation. I think it would be a fitting and pretty tribute to your gran. (smile)

mathanxiety Mon 15-Nov-10 20:35:33

Or Querida (means 'beloved' -- maybe a reference to your gran too)

DyingSwansClub Tue 16-Nov-10 13:59:39

Wow! This was my first post on the site. Thanks for all the responses. I think "lljkk" - with the 'duh' instead of the "daah" is right. I like it pronounced that way the best, so I'm going to try to convince my nephew to honor his great grandmother by naming his soon to be born daughter 'An-duh-lay-see-uh.' It sounds cool rapid fire? Thank you all, David Archuletta the Unknown Father.

mathanxiety Tue 16-Nov-10 16:06:25

What did you just say?

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 16-Nov-10 19:28:16

David Archuleta is a gay singer is he not?

DyingSwansClub Wed 17-Nov-10 17:55:43

I have of heard of somethings that would lead a person to beleive that he is a homosexual. He also comes from the state of Utah???

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