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did anyone KNOW what their baby would be called?

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lollipopshoes Sun 14-Nov-10 12:17:09

I don't mean that you had a name that you'd always liked and intended to use, but from the minute you were pregnant you knew, beyond any shadow of doubt, what your baby's correct name was...

Am pg (dc4) and I feel like I know the baby's name - don't even particularly like the name, but everything else just feels totally wrong. Didn't feel like this with any previous pgy.

Dp thinks I'm completely bonkers.

Am I?

Rockbird Sun 14-Nov-10 12:18:12

Yes. I had two names I'd loved since childhood. One was vetoed for family reasons and is DD's second name, and we used the other one.

Tortington Sun 14-Nov-10 12:21:08

yes - in the face of much adversity from in laws who mocked my chosen name as erm....shall we say effeminate

i knew what ds2 was called.

ds1 - not so much
dd - spur of the moment on the day

lollipopshoes Sun 14-Nov-10 12:23:46

glad I'm not the only one.

Custy - does he still suit his name? Do you still like it?

Tortington Sun 14-Nov-10 12:39:37

yes, he couldn't be anything else.

but i loved the name.

edam Sun 14-Nov-10 12:45:16

No, I thought ds was a girl and planned to use the name I'd always wanted (after a dear deceased aunt who had been very important in my childhood and my father's).

But as soon as dh and I hit on one particular name that was it. It was definitely ds. Left my options open in case he didn't look like an XXXX when he was born but he did, immediately. And yes, I still love it.

Magna Sun 14-Nov-10 12:46:40

With DS1 knew straight away but with DS2 we didn't have a clue.

Definitely not bonkers and congratulations smile

starshaker Sun 14-Nov-10 12:49:48

I was the opposite kindof. I had chosed dd1 name but when she was born i knew she was alana. Never even consideded the name before then. Whereas the twins (as soon as i knew they were a boy and girl) were always gonna be harrison and emilie. Played about with other names but they didnt fit. They all really suit their names and cant see that they could be anything else

smilingserenely Sun 14-Nov-10 13:12:38

dd1 at a church service there was sermon titled as far as bethany ,turned to my fiancee of 3 days and said if we ever have a little girl we'll call her bethany . a year later she arrived .

ds4 was to be haydn from 20 weeks but as soon as he arrived knew he was to placid for that name and he had to be gabriel and it suits him perfectly. it was a name we'd laughed at and discounted while i was pg.

dd4 convinced she is/was a matilda but dh didn't/doesn't agree sad

lollipopshoes Sun 14-Nov-10 13:23:01

and did all the rest of you have partners who agreed/let you have your way?

edam Sun 14-Nov-10 13:32:14

Lollipops, dh vetoed some of my top choices (one of which I'm now v. glad he talked me out of!) but when we got to THE name we both agreed immediately.

Oddly enough I completely missed the fact that it was the same as a beloved and deceased family friend - the counterpart of the Aunt whose name I'd wanted to use had ds been a girl. It was only when we told my Dad he said 'after Uncle XXXX?'. He was jolly pleased so I've never told him it was co-incidence. Or my unconscious, perhaps.

Magna Sun 14-Nov-10 17:59:42

Lollipop DH and I were in complete agreement for DS1 - took a while for DS2 but got there in the end. Wouldn't change either name smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 14-Nov-10 18:04:35

We did for a boy, and that was it!
You are deffo not bonkers!

Purplebuns Sun 14-Nov-10 18:07:06

I had a dream about calling my DD her name when I was pregnant, and when she came out it was her.
Also before I found out I was pregnant, I had a dream were a little girl, came running to me crying and I just picked her up and cuddled her. I woke up straight after, bolt upright in bed. A week and a bit later I missed my period, with my unplanned pregnancy!

strawberrycake Sun 14-Nov-10 18:13:00

We'd always planned to call our first boy Martyn, but as soon as I was pregnant this went out the window. DH suggested another name early on and we KNEW this was his name. Even in the delivery suite when he was stuck the nurses picked up on the name and were calling out 'hurry up xxx' etc and wrote his name on his ankle tags rather than baby surname as is standard. I would have pissed myself laughing if a girl had popped out...

thefurryone Sun 14-Nov-10 22:22:17

I've had a boys name in mind for a couple of years and naturally assumed I'd want to use it but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided it didn't fit and I decided that another name seemed far more appropriate. Considering I don't even know the sex it is a bit weird, but I just can't imagine calling it anything else if it is a boy. Although as DH doesn't like my choice I am trying to keep an open mind.

StableButDeluded Mon 15-Nov-10 00:13:05

We had a shortlist of both boys and girls names, but as soon as I knew I was having a boy there was only one name that seemed 'right'. I still don't know why, it wasn't my top name till then but all of a sudden I just began thinking of him as Adam. It just seemed to fit. He's five now and I can't imagine him with any of the other names we had lined up.

MrsvWoolf Mon 15-Nov-10 00:28:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Linnet Mon 15-Nov-10 01:08:21

With dd2 we had decided a girl name and a boy name before I had even conceived. Once I was pregnant the names never changed and once we found out that we were having a girl the name stayed,she was always going to be xxxx we never wavered.

With dd1 we were still arguing about names right up to due date and beyond.

Bumperlicious Mon 15-Nov-10 07:18:26

Nope, dd2 wasn't named for a week, & dd1 for 3 days. We are indecisive!

Blatherskite Mon 15-Nov-10 07:28:44

I knew what DD had to be named at about 5 months pregnant. It was never a name I had even considered before but suddenly it was the only name that seemed right.

Took me another 3 months to convince DH grin

Rosa Mon 15-Nov-10 08:14:23

YEs DD1 at 12 weeks both dh and I suggested it almost together and it stuck - when she arrived it was her and 5 yrs on it is still her and funny enough her second name is regularly used as well which is nice.
DD2 it was not so clear but 2/3 were hanging round and again we both agreed / suggested the same combination together it was just right and when she arrived it suited her perfectly .....

Berk Mon 15-Nov-10 09:57:53

I really felt that DD's name should be Charlotte Alice.

She is named something completely different but would have suited it. Can't explain why, a deep feeling I remember saying to DH that it is supposed to be our decision but I felt like she had named herself!

Of course she suits her actual name to a tee now, was probably just a hormonal thing as I did overthink the naming thing tbh blush

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