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friedeggs Thu 11-Nov-10 11:24:14


I really like Edison, it was one of the names of the trapped Miners in Chile. Will it sound stupid in a few years time, will he just get Eddie, does it sound like a pets name, I wondered what people though?


rachel234 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:41:00

I like Edison, but you're right, Ed/Eddie is a likely nickname.

mathanxiety Thu 11-Nov-10 20:54:40

Edison is popular in S America and Central America too, as is Wilson.

It will be shortened to Ed or Eddie, you're right about this.

How about Thomas Alva?

thisisyesterday Thu 11-Nov-10 20:58:23

i kind of like it.
makes me think of lightbulbs

nappyaddict Thu 11-Nov-10 20:59:56

Harrison doesn't get shortened to Harry so I don't think that Edison will neccessarily get shortened to Eddie. I like it.

MyCatJeremy Thu 11-Nov-10 21:27:43

Will get called Ed or Eddie, can't see what is wrong with that.

Bue Thu 11-Nov-10 21:31:55

Well it screams lightbulb. No one is going to think of the miner TBH, it's all about the inventor with this name. I don't think it's going to date, and the nicknames aren't bad, so if you like it I don't think it's a bad choice.

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