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only as a middle name....but still,,,,

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deepbluewave Tue 09-Nov-10 11:40:27

Hi, my dad has been doing our family tree and has found my, G.G.G.G G Grandfathers grave-

Caught up in the excitement, I declared I would use the name if our first born, was a boy.

My DH, also loved it and wants to use it, but now I am having second thoughts.

What do you think....?

Eben 'Ramoth' dad said this would make him really happy and both me and DH have Scottish roots-but I think I prefere to use my brothers name in le middle- Nicholas.


kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 09-Nov-10 11:42:05

Your choice. Sounds like mammoth to me. I don't reallly see the point of middle names TBH. That is a bit hypocritical of me considering DD has three blush

B52s Tue 09-Nov-10 12:17:12

like it. why not? nice gesture. middle names don't get used much anyway, so something unusual is fine.

deepbluewave Tue 09-Nov-10 12:28:42

yeah,, and I suppose it has a nice tale behind it.

Rockbird Tue 09-Nov-10 12:33:07

I like it. Ross Poldark had a horse called Ramoth. I'd go for it.

Bster Tue 09-Nov-10 12:40:40

I think it sounds fine, and is actually really cool to have traced your tree so far back and used a name from it – I’d love to do something similar when we have a baby. You don’t often use middle names, so I always think it’s really nice to make it something meaningful!

Bue Tue 09-Nov-10 12:44:44

I like ancestral names in the middle name spot. I don't know why more people don't do it. Could you go with Eben Ramoth Nicholas?

deepbluewave Tue 09-Nov-10 12:47:55

Oh no-- Stewart is our surname--- Im not having 3! But does sound good!

ThatllDoPig Tue 09-Nov-10 15:36:38

I like Eben more than Ramoth. But I think you should definately use one of them, I like old traditional names.

deepbluewave Tue 09-Nov-10 15:46:25

yeh, Eben, is a definite for the first name.

ThatllDoPig Tue 09-Nov-10 16:13:44

oh, sorry, being a bit thick. Yes, use both!
Is Eben short for Ebenezer do you know? Or would you pronounce it with the long EE sound, like Ethan, but nicer.

SE13Mummy Tue 09-Nov-10 20:38:15

I personally wouldn't use it as the only middle name but perhaps as a second one... one of my brothers was 'blessed' with a bizarre family name discovered by my father who'd recently got into the whole family history thing. DB won't tell anyone what it is as it's always been a source of embarrassment for him, luckily it's a second middle name so he's dropped it - he didn't even say it when he got married (at an otherwise very traditional ceremony).

ShowOfHands Tue 09-Nov-10 20:41:10

I've been really excited to find an Everard, a Willoughby and a Theopholis in my family tree. DH is not impressed and says we are having no more children.

anonymousbird Tue 09-Nov-10 20:42:01

It's rather splendid.
Use it.
Nicholas is a fine name, but not as interesting or dramatic. Lovely story - use Nicholas next time wink.

deepbluewave Wed 10-Nov-10 10:15:28

Ah, thanks ladies. That really helps, just needed a few opinions on it. yeh, I should be proud!

Defo use my brothers name, next time round.

BuntyPenfold Wed 10-Nov-10 10:20:56

I quite like Ramoth, and love Eben.

We never named anyone after my G G Aunt Clytemnestra; don't know why not wink

Rhubarbgarden Thu 11-Nov-10 13:52:53

Ramoth is fantastic! You must use it.

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