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Is it ok to use Fergus ...

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stereo Sun 07-Nov-10 09:57:33

when neither parent is Scottish? What are your thoughts. Scottish MNers opinions particurlay welcome! Ta!

onimolap Sun 07-Nov-10 10:09:55

Yes, it's also an Irish name.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 07-Nov-10 13:31:22


tummytickler Sun 07-Nov-10 13:36:06

I think it is fine (I am English). Dh is Scottish and it really pisses him off. Not sure why, I think only because it means there are more Hamish's etc about, so he does not want to use them as there are so many at the dc's schools.

mutable Sun 07-Nov-10 13:36:55

It's okay... prefer Angus or Magnus.

NormanNorris Sun 07-Nov-10 13:46:29

Of course.

Minione Sun 07-Nov-10 16:26:21

DH is named this and he is Irish. Thought it was vile when I first met him but now I really like it and think it suits all ages, from baby to grandad!

AnnOnimous Sun 07-Nov-10 17:41:22

Totally love the name, I am Scottish, but do love the name regardless.

Agree that Angus and Magnus are fab too.

thereisalightanditnevergoesout Sun 07-Nov-10 17:47:08

Sort of in a similar boat to you - but with regard to the name Angus (though FIL is Scottish and my Grandfather was Scottish) so there is a bit of a connection, though, as DH and I definitely have no Scottishness about our accents, (and an Irish surname) I feel we might be explaining it quite often.

But then, does it matter all that much? Plenty of people seem to be using names like 'Luca' with no obvious Italian connection.

I love Fergus and would like it myself if only surname didn't begin with 'F'. I'd say, if you love it, go for it. I used to go to school with siblings Fergus, Hamish and Elspeth - loved it since then.

jkklpu Sun 07-Nov-10 22:04:30

Amd Scottish and don't like it but it's incredibly popular in England now, whether or not any parent has a Scottish connection.

freerangeeggs Sun 07-Nov-10 23:17:45

All the Ferguses I know are English. And I lived in Scotland for 25 years.

Nice name

TryLikingClarity Mon 08-Nov-10 06:35:47

There's a place in Northern Ireland called Carrickfergus, but I don't know anyone here called Fergus.

I think it's a nice enough name.

gorionine Mon 08-Nov-10 06:57:59

I know a little Fergus. I have no idea of the origine of his parents but he is a lovely child. You cannot help but smile when he is around.

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