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what do you think of....

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candyflossbaby Fri 05-Nov-10 12:10:34


flopsy1974 Fri 05-Nov-10 12:18:41

Not keen on either. Sorry.

nannynobnobs Fri 05-Nov-10 12:21:09

Meera-kat. Although Meera Syal probably doesn't get called that
Chiara sounds like a character from a manga cartoon.

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 05-Nov-10 12:21:20

Like Chiara, but imagine it would be pronounced Ch-eye-ra. DD has an Italian friend with that name and when she saw it on the class list that's what she called her.
Meera is a bit nothingy really.

candyflossbaby Fri 05-Nov-10 12:24:39

it def doesnt have the 'ch' pronounciation

fel1x Fri 05-Nov-10 12:25:03

Chiara is beautiful.
I have a friend who is Italian with the name and have always loved it

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 05-Nov-10 12:29:40

No, I know it isn't pronounced with a CH sound, but a lot of other people probably wouldn't.

candyflossbaby Fri 05-Nov-10 12:32:05

Oh I see, sorry I misunderstood your post!

thell Sat 06-Nov-10 11:37:13

I knew an Italian family, with a Chiara pronounced Key-ah-ra.

It's pretty!

candyflossbaby Sat 06-Nov-10 20:36:43

I still really like it, can it be spelt any other way?

onimolap Sat 06-Nov-10 21:36:24

Another way to spell it would have to be Clare, Claire or Clara, I don't think it's been anglicised in any other ways.

randomimposter Sat 06-Nov-10 21:42:33

Have known several Chiaras (Key-arr-uhs) - all Italian. Like it.

Meera's ok.

MerryMarigold Sat 06-Nov-10 22:42:48

Meera if you're Indian, or dh is.

Chiara. Pretty, but lots around atm, well I know a couple.

MerryMarigold Sat 06-Nov-10 22:43:08

Kiki nice nn for Chiara

rachxx Sun 07-Nov-10 14:53:53

Are you sure theres that many Chiara's around? Only about 20 born last year. How is Claire another way to spell it???

MerryMarigold Mon 08-Nov-10 13:39:49

I'm not sure of the spelling. I think one may be 'Kiara', but one was definitely 'Chiara'...(she was a grown up). They were both pron. key - ar - uh

Faaamily Mon 08-Nov-10 13:43:35


ThatllDoPig Mon 08-Nov-10 16:46:30

She would constantly be correcting people if she was called Chiara, it is pretty, but I think it would be really annoying for her when older.
I like Meera, I think she was originally an Indian princess.

spiderlight Mon 08-Nov-10 18:12:19

Chiara reminds me too much of Kia-ora

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