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2009 baby names are out!!

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emmylou30 Wed 27-Oct-10 10:46:17

Hope the link works 282

Biscuitbreaker Wed 27-Oct-10 10:53:04


candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 10:56:37

They only have the top 100 though?? Im glad I saved the 2008 database onto my comp as its now gone, and I liked seeing ALL the names.

RockBat Wed 27-Oct-10 10:58:30

Glad to see DD's name is moving down the list, not up. Am amazed there are so many horrible names between her and number 1 though wink

BridesheadRegardless Wed 27-Oct-10 10:59:27

Well we're at No. 25 down one place and No 44 down 2 places.

I'm satisfied with that.

smother Wed 27-Oct-10 11:10:43

Do you think they are going to release all the names and not just the top 100?

I love the new comparison tool, it's fab! .

RockBat Wed 27-Oct-10 11:12:23

We're heading out of the top 100. I'm delighted!

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:15:50

candyfloss the complete lists are still there for 2008 and new for 2009 - they have just aggregated all the separate sheets into one spreadsheet. The full list is the last tab on the right on both the boys and girls names sheets for all years.

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:17:50

The comparison tool is just a fancier version of the analysis spreadsheet they had last year - looks nice but no additional info, do you think developing this was the reason it took them so much longer to release them this year?! wink (I'm a spreadsheet geek so I prefer just a sheet anyway!).

candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 11:18:02

Im trying to find it runningrach! I thnk Im being really silly.

candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 11:19:35

I still cant find it??

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:24:59

Direct link to spreadsheet here: ation/2009-girls.xls

'Table 6 - Girls names - E&W' (final tab at the bottom)

If no joy PM me your email address and I'll mail it to you as I have it open in front of me!

(finally a useful purpose for my spreadsheet habit smile )

CuppaMouldyBatBallsBrothJanice Wed 27-Oct-10 11:26:20

Jack's been knocked off number 1!!!!!


smother Wed 27-Oct-10 11:26:46

ooh thanks Runningrach, have got it... now to do a bit of analysis!

juneybean Wed 27-Oct-10 11:27:27

I can't believe 3 Philbert's were born...I mean really?

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:29:25

This should go in 'confessions'... I really like to sort these name lists alphabetically and then aggregate all the same sounding names with different spellings, e.g. Isabel/Isobel/Izabelle, so you get a sense of the true popularity of a name. blush

candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 11:32:59

I still cant open it boohoo

candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 11:34:40 vlnk=15282

where do I go after this page?

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:35:26

candy - just thought you may mean a list with all boys and girls names on one sheet (I am a bit single minded as expecting a dd) - don't think thats there but the full lists for both could be combined.

ValiumSkeleton Wed 27-Oct-10 11:37:00

I can't see a LIST in there though, only top ten!

candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 11:37:54

I was looking for the one were I can type in a name, and then see ow many girls were called a certain name, even the ones outside of the top 100

pickledbabe Wed 27-Oct-10 11:39:28

so all the children this year are Oliver or Olivia?
That sounds complicated.....

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:41:49

If you click on the link Emmylou posted above, then click on '2009 Baby Names Statistics Boys' or '... Girls' (4th or 5th one down the list), open up in excel or open office (or whatever you use) and look at the bottom of the spreadsheet and there should be a number of different tabs/sheets in the same workbook.

It opens up to 'Table 1 - Top 100' but there are other tables in there on separate sheets. The full list is 'Table 6' - you can use the find function to look for any name.

If using windows I think ctrl-PgDn is the shortcut to scroll through work sheets.

candyflossbaby Wed 27-Oct-10 11:44:37

ohhhhhh I found it.....sorry everyone for annoying you with my dumbness, I get what you mean now by the tabs!!

runningrach Wed 27-Oct-10 11:46:48

Great! Sorry for spreadsheet jargon I'm not very good at explaining things in 'normal' words!

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