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Middle names for Kaiden?

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SquallyRose Sun 17-Oct-10 21:27:36

expecting a baby boy and the only name we both like is Kaiden but really struggking to find a middle name that sounds right, any ideas?

stinkypants Sun 17-Oct-10 21:31:11


BooBooImpaledOnBrokenGlass Sun 17-Oct-10 21:34:28

Is Kaiden a must have? Because I really dislike it. And yes I know it's not my baby, but....

Avocadoes Sun 17-Oct-10 21:35:52

I'm with Boo. Are you really, really sure?

Skyrg Sun 17-Oct-10 21:40:01

Also with Boo I'm afraid.
Is there a reason it's spelt Kaiden? I think Caden/Cayden and even Kayden are the more popular spellings. I think he'd spend his whole life spelling it for people!

Middle names:

What kind of middle name are you looking for?

PoorlyConstructed Sun 17-Oct-10 21:41:32

I also really dislike Kaiden (could you not do aidan instead?)

If you must, James is a good name choice.

expatinscotland Sun 17-Oct-10 21:41:40

No middle name sounds right because Kaiden isn't a real name that doesn't sound right, either.

Please, get a real name and not some madeup twaddle like this.

KenDoddsDadsZombieDogsNotDead Sun 17-Oct-10 22:03:23

Don't do it!

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 17-Oct-10 22:04:55

Sorry, I agree, Kaiden is just too.......Britney Spears or something.

LionOnTheFloorInAPoolOfBlood Sun 17-Oct-10 22:07:34

Bit off guys giving her grief for a name they have already chosen. She is asking for help with middle names.

How about
Kaiden Harvey
Kaiden James
Kaiden Ashley

PoorlyConstructed Sun 17-Oct-10 22:09:32

Well, she did ask on here. It doesn't matter if you've already chosen, people will comment on the name. People will comment in real life too.

Littlefish Sun 17-Oct-10 22:12:29

Sorry, I don't like Kaiden either, so I can't really think of any names to go with it.

LionOnTheFloorInAPoolOfBlood Sun 17-Oct-10 22:16:22

But she didn't ask for comments on Kaiden. Think it's only fair game to lay into a name when someone has asked about that specific name.

DeadlyNightShadeofViolet Sun 17-Oct-10 22:21:05

I think Kaiden sounds nice with a J name after it (but maybe not James as its a bit too Britney)

Kaiden Jack
Kaiden Joseph
Kaiden Joshua
Kaiden George

BosomForAPillow Sun 17-Oct-10 22:22:55

Kaiden Jayden?

missismac Sun 17-Oct-10 22:30:50

Ahem, cough, cough - I've got a Caden. It is a real name. It's Cornish & it means 'Paul'. He likes it, we like it so could the judgey-pant wearers just loosen their belts a bit please?!

We went for traditional middle names which came from family so he's a 'James Douglass' too, but I think any of the proper 'English' names would work well. e.g. John, James, Henry, Thomas, Jack.

Good luck with your boy OP, I hope you'll be as proud of your Kaiden as we are of our Caden. Don't listen to the knockers - what do they know?

woolymindy Sun 17-Oct-10 22:33:52

Awful, just awful

PoorlyConstructed Sun 17-Oct-10 22:36:32

I just said I dislike kaiden, which impacts on any middle names I'd suggest. The child is going to go through life with this name and people will judge him based on it. The OP may as well get used to people's reactions. Of course, they won't generally tell her what they think directly, but it'll impact on his life.

Incidentally, there's been quite a bit of research done that suggests an extremely strong relationship between name choice and educational success, even controlling for issues of class. Apparently kids with quirky spellings or nontraditional names do markedly worse than those with standard spellings or traditional names. Kids with random punctuation marks do worst of all (statistically speaking).

Of course, and I stress this, this is all statistical and has no direct connection to the name kaiden or how well the OP's son does in life. It's just that how people respond to kids (including teachers) is affected by their names in subtle but important ways.

I say all this as someone who's given her kids names that seem to be regarded as dreadfully common.

PoorlyConstructed Sun 17-Oct-10 22:38:13

Caden looks like a real name though. Kaiden looks like Aiden with a K stuck on the front to make it more interesting. The spelling makes a big difference.

stressheaderic Sun 17-Oct-10 22:41:25

I have a completely irrational dislike of names that begin with K. I really can't explain it but I do.

cityangel Sun 17-Oct-10 22:48:22

Otis, Milo, Isaac

Skyrg Mon 18-Oct-10 09:23:21

To those criticising people for being judgey about the name, I merely made an observation about the spelling! Kaiden is an unusual spelling and I think you should generally go with the more common spelling generally, since it avoids confusion. I would automatically spell it Caden or Cayden I think.

Anyway, I agree with those saying a J name is nice, perhaps something traditional or Biblical since Kaiden is such a modern name?

spookerv1xen Mon 18-Oct-10 09:29:59

i love the name might be very biased though wink ....for a middle name, maybe thomas, james, henry or something traditional?

CuppaMouldyBatBallsBrothJanice Mon 18-Oct-10 09:43:10

I'd avoid James. Britney Spears has a son Jayden James - it would sound like you were trying to copy her.

I'd stick to a one or two syllable name that doesn't end in N or start with K.


thesecondcoming Mon 18-Oct-10 14:03:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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