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middle name for aya

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Dineo Thu 07-Oct-10 13:00:53


Whats better between:

Aya Millie
Aya Madeline
Aya Lois

also if you have any suggestions that would be great!

thanks xx

Dineo Thu 07-Oct-10 15:06:15

shameless bump

rachel234 Thu 07-Oct-10 15:09:59

Personally, I'd choose a family name or a name with meaning to you. You rarely use all names together anyway. Both our ds and dd have middle names of family members that we wanted to honour.

(I'm not keen on any of your suggestions but that is just my taste.)

MimsyStarr Thu 07-Oct-10 15:19:58

I think Lois goes best.

(and make sure you don't use Sofia grin )

Dineo Thu 07-Oct-10 18:34:17

i am shameless. I WILL bump again smile

mathanxiety Thu 07-Oct-10 18:40:11

Aya Natalia
Aya Zinaida
Aya Louisa

but especially Aya Zahara

I know a little Egyptian Aya; whether it's a traditional name in her family or culture I don't know, but I think of it as a middle eastern name.

ChristianaTheSeventh Thu 07-Oct-10 18:40:52

Ayah means maid or nanny where my DD was born

Dineo Thu 07-Oct-10 18:47:52

where was your DD born?

I thought it was Arabic for miracle?....better find out now before DD gets the piss taken out of her!!

I like Aya Leila too- does it work?

mathanxiety Thu 07-Oct-10 18:52:50

Dineo, that makes sense in the family I mentioned. She was a long hoped-for little girl.

Aya Leila is lovely imo.

An ayah is a nursery maid assigned to a particular child in colonial India, maybe still the case. My oldest uncles and aunts remembered theirs with great fondness. I don't know how well the word ayah would be known without a connection to India.

They're two different words, different languages.

catinthehat2 Thu 07-Oct-10 19:26:29


ChristianaTheSeventh Thu 07-Oct-10 19:36:15

My DD born in Nairobi... and her nanny was certainly a miracle!! smile

thesecondcoming Thu 07-Oct-10 20:17:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dineo Thu 07-Oct-10 20:34:40

It's pronounced eye-ah

PrincessMaddi Mon 18-Jul-11 13:25:39

Love the name Aya!! i like Aya Daisy smile

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