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Meggie2110 Mon 30-Aug-10 12:52:01

I love classic names and have recently become obsessed with this name. Is it too boring? And what would you suggest for a middle name. I already have a little girl called Charlotte.

BuzzingNoise Mon 30-Aug-10 13:01:13

I'm not keen on Emily. It's a bit ugly sounding. You'd get lots of Bronte comments if you have a Charlotte and an Emily.

Meggie2110 Mon 30-Aug-10 13:03:04

Haha...I didn't even think of that! Our second choice would be Emma or Alice?

Wanderingsheep Mon 30-Aug-10 13:23:25

I love Emily! I also love Charlotte! We're actually thinking of Charlotte Emily if this one is a girl.

You have good taste! grin

I never thought about Bronte either!

Maria2007loveshersleep Mon 30-Aug-10 13:24:13

Emily is a very popular name, for good reason: it's lovely. But I would avoid it just because of the Bronte connection.

Danthe4th Mon 30-Aug-10 13:39:57

I've got a 15 year old Emily and never had any Bronte comments.

Maria2007loveshersleep Mon 30-Aug-10 13:43:07

Well it's not the Emily on its own that would lead to the Bronte comments, but the Charlotte & Emily thing.

Kathleen123 Mon 30-Aug-10 18:00:21

I prefer Emma to Emily. Both good names though.

Love the name Alice.

LittleHarrysMum Mon 30-Aug-10 18:03:14

Love Emily!! It was our choice of girls name when we first got pregnant (lost unfortunately) We then went on to have a little girl but because of the choice we'd made before decided to have it as a middle name not a first.

Was also my grandmothers name

EvilTwins Mon 30-Aug-10 18:10:06

I've got an Emily. I've always loved it. My Em's middle name is Miranda cos I like The Tempest.

CharlieBoo Mon 30-Aug-10 20:47:55

My 2 neices are called Emily and Charlotte, they are 15 and 12 and only a couple of people have ever commented on the Bronte thing. They sound great together and such beautiful names.

tummytickler Mon 30-Aug-10 21:16:13

I really like EMily.
I wonder if it might have had a 'moment' and now be slightly on the decline, because I do not know any under the age of 5.
I think EMily and charlotte are lovely, and the Bronte connection would not bother me at all.

BabyDubsEverywhere Mon 30-Aug-10 22:18:54

I am a 26 year old Emily - and i HATE it. No Bronte comments, but countless Emily Bishop from Corrie and Auntie Em from Wizard of Oz!

Just go for Emma, much easier to live with, and quite timeless. smile

pantaloons Mon 30-Aug-10 22:20:44

I think it's lovely, and would be great with Charlotte.

Roz14 Mon 30-Aug-10 23:51:14

I think Charlotte and Alice sound lovely together IMO.

Clary Tue 31-Aug-10 00:23:13

It's not boring but it is very popular.

Top of the charts for years; I know at leasta dozen at my DCs' primary.

It goes well with Charlotte IMO.

Alternatives in similar vein might be Amelia, Eleanor, Georgia, Ella, and Emma and Alice as you suggest.

chainedtothedesk Tue 31-Aug-10 10:16:21

Prefer Alice to be honest. Or Emma.

twolittlemonkeys Tue 31-Aug-10 10:17:43

I like Emily too. I don't know any little Emilys either, despite the name's apparent popularity.

PYT Tue 31-Aug-10 10:21:14

I am usually one for unusual, exotic names, but I have always loved Emily. It has that classic, old English feel to it. It is feminine but not too girly. A really pretty name.

I only know one young Emily (am in London), and two adult Emilys.

herbietea Tue 31-Aug-10 10:23:23

Message withdrawn

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 31-Aug-10 10:28:45

My friends DD Is Emily Charlotte! She is 14.

I think it has calmed down in popularity. Names like Olivia, ruby, evie, Ava seem more popular.

I like Emily, Emma and Alice -- all good options. Emily is by far the most popular option out of the three, though (mind you, I don't know any small Emilys under the age of about 20).

(Why would you get "Auntie Em" comments when named Emily but not when named Emma?)

musicmadness Tue 31-Aug-10 16:12:31

I love Emily, its one of my favourite names. There are plenty of nicknames associated with it as well if she really didn't like it as an adult. I always think its a big plus to have a name that can lead to several nicknames!

pirateparty Tue 31-Aug-10 16:34:33

I know at least two Emilys under the age of two. Very popular but with good reason.

It's a lovely name, and so are Alice and Emma.

NadiaWadia Tue 31-Aug-10 16:59:32

Emily is lovely -very pretty.

In comparison Emma seems a bit - characterless somehow. Don't know why.

Alice is nice.

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