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Elena, nn nell

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NiceCuppaT Sat 28-Aug-10 18:58:31

What do you think?

MummyLovesSadie Sat 28-Aug-10 19:03:55

Love Nell.

wigglesrock Sat 28-Aug-10 19:10:29

Elena is my no 1 choice for bump at the minute, love it, but not sure how you get Nell from it?

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 28-Aug-10 19:11:33

I love Elena but I'm not too keen on Nell...

NiceCuppaT Sat 28-Aug-10 20:53:42

Nell is a proper nn for elena

Bagpusstree Sat 28-Aug-10 20:55:57

Prefer it spelt Eleanor if it is said the same way? Nell also a nn for that.

Ephiny Sat 28-Aug-10 21:11:35

Nice name, isn't Nell a very old fashioned nickname (like Nan for Anne)? not that there's anything wrong with that of course, and for all I know it might have become fashionable again.

Would make a change from all the Ellie/Elle's around as well!

4andnotout Sat 28-Aug-10 21:17:27

I like it, bit biased as I have an Elana. Nell is a lovely nickname.

polkadottytotty Sat 28-Aug-10 21:54:10

I like it - love Nell

ReshapeWhileDamp Sat 28-Aug-10 21:56:19

If you spelt it Elena, would you be pronouncing it in a Slavic way? Or would you use it as an alternative spelling for Eleanor? I prefer Elinor if so. Can still be Nell. smile

5DollarShake Sat 28-Aug-10 23:09:44

Love both Elena and Nell.

BikeRunSki Sat 28-Aug-10 23:18:39

Love Nell too, makes a change from "Elle" based nn, Ellie, Ella, Elsie etc

NiceCuppaT Sun 29-Aug-10 04:45:16

Would pron. Elle-len-ah

NiceCuppaT Sun 29-Aug-10 04:46:55

More of an 'A' at the end than an 'Ah' iykwm

NadiaWadia Sun 29-Aug-10 12:10:54

It is normally pronounced 'Eh-LAY-na'

qumquat Sun 29-Aug-10 15:55:07

Why can't you just call her Elena? It's absolutely gorgeous, much nicer than Nell. It's my sister's name and I've always been a bit jealous. She's never been anything but Elena (El-AY-na).

ReshapeWhileDamp Mon 30-Aug-10 10:10:08

If you want to pronounce it Elle-len-ah, then why not use Elinor or Eleanor as spellings? Otherwise people are always going to say El-AY-na when they see that spelling. smile

NiceCuppaT Mon 30-Aug-10 10:39:27

El-ah-na is a better way of explaining how I would say it (thanks qumquat).
I don't like the nor on the end of eleanor.

4andnotout Mon 30-Aug-10 12:22:44

That's how we pronounce our Elana, the Elena we know is El-ay-na.

NiceCuppaT Mon 30-Aug-10 15:00:58

Ha typo I mean el ay nah!!
Anyway the good news is we have changed our mind and elena is off the list!!

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