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Please don't tell me Ellis is more of a girls name?

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DomesticG0ddess Wed 25-Aug-10 11:01:17

Expecting DS2. Ellis is the one name we both really like. Goes well with DS1 (uncommon but not weird), our families are all from Wales, and I just really like it. But I did a search on it on mumsnet and it seems to come up more for a girls name choice than a boys!

What do people think of Ellis and is it completely unisex, or have you heard it used more on girls than boys? I don't know any Ellis' btw.

Shaz10 Wed 25-Aug-10 11:01:56

I don't know any, but would have said male.

activate Wed 25-Aug-10 11:02:18

Ellis is a boy's name

it is not a girl's name although is being used as one now - kind of like Marilyn I suppose

telsa Wed 25-Aug-10 11:04:19

Most definitely a boy's name - are some using it for girls now? Surprising.

BertieBasset Wed 25-Aug-10 11:04:22

I know an Ellis aged about 11 who is a boy.

I also know an Ellise pronounced the same way, aged 3, who is a girl.

I'd say it is a boy's name personally, or perhaps unisex. Def not just a girls name though!

DomesticG0ddess Wed 25-Aug-10 11:07:15

Good, I find boys' names are tricky and have my heart set on this one!

MrsJohnDeere Wed 25-Aug-10 11:10:23

The only one I know is female (in her 30s).

sedgiebaby Wed 25-Aug-10 11:12:11

It is unisex, I would have said more girly not knowing an Ellis of either sex, but having asked around the response is mixed. As I really like it for dd1.

It 'sounds' a more pretty/feminine unisex one to me. But I also wonder if it comes down to who you happen to know with that name? e.g. I only know male 'Ashley's' so I view it as more of a boys name.

traceybath Wed 25-Aug-10 11:16:32

I know two and they're both female.

weegiemum Wed 25-Aug-10 11:18:02

I also know 2 - both female, one a toddler, the other a teenager.

thereisalightanditnevergoesout Wed 25-Aug-10 11:18:11

I always think of it as a girls' name, however, I know only boys called Ellis (so I thought it was just me).

wonderstuff Wed 25-Aug-10 11:19:22

How strange - I thought definitly a boys name - was on our short list for ds.

mrswoodentop Wed 25-Aug-10 11:20:33

In the US I think it is quite common as a girls name.What about Elliot?

sedgiebaby Wed 25-Aug-10 11:24:09

PBI... to me Elliot is most definately a boys name although I understand also unisex?...can't see this one!

DuelingFanjo Wed 25-Aug-10 11:25:33

it's definitely a boy's name though if you want to use the Welsh I would think Elis is the real spelling.

DuelingFanjo Wed 25-Aug-10 11:26:52

because the double l, 'Ll', is a completely different sound in the Welsh language.

AxisofEvil Wed 25-Aug-10 11:28:43

I know one toddler called Ellis - male and from a Welsh family

DomesticG0ddess Wed 25-Aug-10 11:31:12

It is definitely a boys name originally - it is a Welsh name, meaning benevolent, and often a Welsh surname. Other sources say it is Greek, coming from Elias.

With his surname it will definitely sound male - if I was having a DD, I would have to choose a clearcut feminine name.

mrsw, I do like Elliot, but I liked the Welsh connection of Ellis.

Ellis is a boy's name, IMO. It's a family name on both sides of DH's family and one we're considering as a middle name if DC3 is a DS2. I have heard of its being used for girls, though, but then I've heard of Ryan, Michael, James, Rory and Finlay being used for girls so who has any idea these days?

ShadeofViolet Wed 25-Aug-10 11:32:02

I know two and they are both boys.

I know an Ellise which is pronounced el-eee-s and she is a girl.

DomesticG0ddess Wed 25-Aug-10 11:33:46

Duelling, it is Ellis in Wales too. I know what you mean about the double LL, but it must not apply in certain spellings, eg Dillan, which is another (welsh) way of spelling Dylan.

Bacofoil Wed 25-Aug-10 11:35:01


have known 2, both boys

never heard of a female Ellis though I think it works as a girl's name too

Bacofoil Wed 25-Aug-10 11:40:48

...or am I thinking of Alice...?

Shabbychiclover Wed 25-Aug-10 11:50:19

My two year old ds is Ellis.Everyone loves the name and it suits him and his cheeky personality.grin

DuelingFanjo Wed 25-Aug-10 11:51:43

"Duelling, it is Ellis in Wales too"

there's also an Elis in Wales which is the name of my Welsh speaking friend's nephew. She says it would be a different pronounciation in Welsh with the double 'L'.

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