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What names have you noticed getting more popular in 2010?

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bytheMoonlight Sat 14-Aug-10 10:17:24

What do you think will be the popular names of 2010?

MelinaM Sun 28-Nov-10 12:07:28

...I'm adding Felix and Maddie to the list! x

APixieInMyTea Sun 28-Nov-10 13:52:20

Ds1's name has only been mentioned twice which I'm surprised about as I know 3 all the same age.

Ds2's name hasn't been mentioned at all which is making me feel a whole lot better about his name which I don't like.

My theoretical dd's name hasn't been mentioned at all so very happy about that.

Hmmmm, names growing in popularity around here Stanley and Reuben for boys and Erin and Poppy for girls.

We have loads of William, Henry, Harry's around here as well as Isabelle, Ruby and Mia.

I know a lovely 2yr old Stephanie which I haven't heard around for a while and a Daniel which doesn't seem very popular anymore.

NinkyNonker Mon 29-Nov-10 21:25:49

Our DD is Rose, we haven't met another. As a middle name, or Rosie perhaps.

Apart from that this year I have met:
- Evie x 2
- Eva
- Eve
- Ava x 2
- Alice
- Milly
- Molly
- Amelie (All of the above in 1 postnatal group!)
- Emily
- Seren
- Grace
- Oliver x 2
- Milo
- Harry
- Jack x 2
- Alfie
- Rowan (boy)

NinkyNonker Mon 29-Nov-10 21:26:17

Oooh, and a Mia.

NinkyNonker Mon 29-Nov-10 21:28:12

Bum, forgot Ella, Elizabeth and Lily. Been a busy year round here!

5GoldenFimbos Tue 30-Nov-10 14:06:28



anabelish Thu 02-Dec-10 16:27:36

just to show there's nothing new under the sun, i'm Annabelle May, i have an Alexander Malachai who is 20 yrs old. A Felix Oliver who is 9 and the bun in the oven is going to be called... - no, i won't tell but i haven't seen it in any of the choices so far...still, its not a 'new' name or a fashionable one. round here its Bailey, Barclay, Ethan and Finn for boys. Ellie, Mia, Maya and Freya for girls

swanandduck Sat 04-Dec-10 22:26:57

At home in Dublin at the moment and the place is swarming with little Ellas, Sophies, Maisies and Chloes. For boys it's Conor, Jack and Tom.

sillybillymummy Sun 19-Dec-10 20:39:20

I am surprised not more people have mentioned Alexander, as its soooo popular here. Every baby boy is being called Alex / Alexander / Xander / Zander or as a second name.

It's crazy!

Also - i have a Henry, and have met 3 new babies called Henry at toddlers etc lately.

orangutangerine Sun 19-Dec-10 20:55:55

I named my DD Eva 2 years ago after my great grandmother. People said 'that's unusual' but it's been mentioned many times here. I'm gutted really wink. I'm still hoping that it's the slightly less common version of Evie/Ava as I've met a few of those but no other Eva's yet...

chelleyve Wed 29-Dec-10 09:45:36

Oliver, Ava, Olivia, Isla, Lois, Jack

Astrophe Wed 29-Dec-10 10:19:44

macmoma - try googling 'births, deaths and marriages australia', they keep lists there.

batinthebelfry Wed 19-Jan-11 13:34:10

Just found this thread and wanted to post because of the name Bertie. I now know two newborns named Bertie.
Strange that there are two (and that both parents don't know each other)

Due to the film, The The King's Speech perhaps..?

sophiesmummie Wed 19-Jan-11 13:52:11

Is Bertie short for Herbert, Albert or Bertram, os something else..?

I wonder if Bertha is also coming back in fashion then?

batinthebelfry Wed 19-Jan-11 19:04:12

sophiesmummie, Bertie as a full name is on one BC. I will check on the other Bertie...his Mum is a friend of a friend.
I didn't think of Bertram, only Albert came to mind ....I should have been nosey and asked

batinthebelfry Wed 19-Jan-11 19:12:54

I hear lot of Eve/Evie but that would have made them popular before 2010 as they are walking around on their own feet now

Alfie and Oscar are on a few lists. Not sure for girls - Ruby/Poppy/Daisy?
Grace seems to be the new Louise (for middle names).

Would be interested to know what names could become popular...

onimolap Wed 19-Jan-11 19:35:27

Round here, the popular names for girls are Sophie, Nancy, Hannah, Evie, Lily-(something)' (something)-Mae and Imogen (which seems to have completely supplanted Isabelle).

Boys: Riley, Harry, Oscar, George.

christmascrackers Sat 29-Jan-11 18:17:47

Boys I know recently - Milo, Toby, Thomas, Joseph, Simeon, Angus, Freddie, Nicholas, Harry, Zeb

Girls - Scarlett, Isabella/belle, Camilla, Eloise, Emily, Phoebe x 2, Milly, Amelia, Mia, Mollie

flower38 Sat 29-Jan-11 19:24:27

Oliver, Olivia ,Sophie Isabella know loads of these. names i think becoming more popular here are seth, xander,florence,helena.

summerinthesunshine Mon 14-Feb-11 13:26:22

Zac, Zack, Zak, Zach in every form but rarely Zachary. Nearly every family I know has a Zack and usually a Max to go with them.

womma Mon 14-Feb-11 21:52:23

There's loads of Charlies and Ellas where I live, and lots of hyphenated girls' names like Ella- Rose and Lily-May (which are jolly wanky in my opinion)

Haven't met a Cedric so far

Stars22 Mon 14-Feb-11 22:05:56

Rosie, Isla, Katie, Ella, Amelia, Eva, Ava, Ruby, Lola

Jack, Archie, Alfie, Matthew, James

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