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What names have you noticed getting more popular in 2010?

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bytheMoonlight Sat 14-Aug-10 10:17:24

What do you think will be the popular names of 2010?

Wigeon Sat 14-Aug-10 20:51:04

I have an Eva, born 2008 - thought it was a lovely, slightly unusual but nonetheless classic name at the time - cannot belive the explosion of Evies and Evas since.

KAEKAE Sun 15-Aug-10 00:32:09


Oliver - I have one but back in 2007 I didn't know one Oliver, three years on and anyone I know expecting a boy always calls them Oliver!

Stanley - I know four born within the last three months.

Dasiy - I know seven!

DessieLou Sun 15-Aug-10 00:59:07

Lily and Isabella. Sooooo many Isabella's!!! Such a shame as they're pretty names. And all the 'old man' names like Stanley, Sidney, Archie. Had an elderly couple in at work the other day who mentioned 'Frank playing on that damn nintendo box again'...had a very strange image in my head til I turned round and saw an 8 year old Frank on his PSP!grin

CheerfulYank Sun 15-Aug-10 01:11:42

Yes, tons of Isabelle/bellas here. Not too many Isobels though. And Jacobs and Jakes everywhere.

I love Jack for my next DS even though it's so popular, also Rhys or Finn. There aren't many Rhys' here (a few named Reese though) but Finn is going to be huge I fear. Also Penelope, which is my DD choice, with Poppy as a nn. And yes I can nn her that, so there. <belligerent emoticon>

Ineedsomesleep Sun 15-Aug-10 08:17:02

Eve/Evie/Eva/Ava, Lily and Ruby still all seem to be popular also Annabelle and Isla ssems to be on the rise.

William and Oliver for boys. Thats if you are not going down the Jaxon route.

Tamashii Sun 15-Aug-10 08:23:46

Finn - yes! There are lots of Finn's around all of a sudden. Also finding quite a few Marlon's and of course Ella/Bella

ShadeofViolet Sun 15-Aug-10 08:24:30



Violet5 Sun 15-Aug-10 08:27:18

I know a lot of Isabella's, Eve/Eva's, Florences, Emily's and Sophie's.

And boys, lots of Oliver's, Edward's, Alexander's, George's and Harrys.

CakeandFineWine Sun 15-Aug-10 08:27:50

Very glad the name I'm thinking of isn't on here, sadly DD's name is "Evie" now really popular.
Lots of Freddies & Josephs around here for boys..

MamaLazarou Sun 15-Aug-10 11:01:25

I have a six-month-old, and the most popular names amongst his friends are James, Edward, Max and Alex for boys; and Isabelle, Olivia, Amelie and Charlotte for girls. We do live in a very white, middle-class town! Leon is getting more common among the tinier babies now.The Evie love must end soon, surely?

tummytickler Sun 15-Aug-10 16:19:02

also Nancy and Arabella.

Vine Sun 15-Aug-10 18:37:16

Many Lily-Mays/Mae. 'Bel' names, like Isabelle, Mabel.

For boys lots of oldie nicknames like Archie, Alfie.

CupcakesHay Sun 15-Aug-10 19:32:29

Arabella ... really? That was on my possible list as i didn't think it was too popular?

I have 2 cats who are 9 years old - called Oscar and Isabella... so whenever i hear babies called that, I think of my cats But to be fair, we weren't sure we could have kids so that's why the cats have good names.

I know a couple of Freyas, a Jasmine, Constance and Beatrice.

tummytickler Sun 15-Aug-10 19:49:22

its not at the level of Evie but much more popular than it used to be. i have seen quuite a few the past year.

LibertyGibbet Sun 15-Aug-10 20:04:44

Oh yes Lucas, Luca and Leon.

Finn is very popular here. Finnian, Finegan, Finbar etc.

Beatrice and Beatrix are very popular too.

Maisie too.

emptyshell Sun 15-Aug-10 23:19:17

Lola, also Isabelle/bella/Isobel (shame cos I liked this one a lot).

Ineedsomesleep Mon 16-Aug-10 06:45:33

Archie and Alfie here too.

rachel234 Mon 16-Aug-10 09:50:44

Florence and Rosemary for girls.

Quentin and Stanley for boys.

MrsvWoolf Mon 16-Aug-10 10:26:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beans33 Mon 16-Aug-10 12:26:03

I've got an Isabella - think it's a beautiful name. She was born in 2008 and it was the number one name for the year - we thought we were being vastly different. Oops! And if we had a boy for 2nd one, were going to call him Edward - despite the Twighlight books. We're not very original are we??! But had a 2nd DD and called her Prudence (Pru), which is quite unusual.

I know lots of Archies, Arthurs, Williams and Avas, Evies and Imogens. All lovely names, so why not, I say?!!!

hatebeak Mon 16-Aug-10 12:27:52

Arlo, Wilfred, Florence, Violet, Elodie all seem to be on the up.

Mitzicoco Mon 16-Aug-10 12:44:37

Sounds like thesecondcoming has met a mean Clara!
Popular names around here:

NormanNorris Mon 16-Aug-10 21:04:16

I agree with Florence and Mabel. I know a few of each born this year. Edward, Jasper, Esme and Alice due to Twilight. I know of loads of baby Islas and Evies too. Two of my friends are considering Wilfred and I know quite a few Rufuses. Oh and Oscar and Archie! Millions of those born this year.

bargainhuntingbetty Mon 16-Aug-10 21:06:12

Sophie. I work with children and in a group of 7 kids last month 3 of them were called Sophie.

HumphreyCobbler Mon 16-Aug-10 21:06:57

No, like me, thececondcoming has got a Clara and we want it to stay at number 342. Like it was when we chose the name grin

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