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Mali, Welsh girl name - please help

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cottoncloud Tue 10-Aug-10 18:07:15

Please could someone clarify how to pronounce the Welsh girl name Mali. (Is it a short a as in 'hat', or a long a as in 'car'?). Also, does anyone know the meaning and how popular it is within and outside of Wales? thanks very much

NiceCuppaT Tue 10-Aug-10 18:13:58

I know one little girl called Mali, ma-lee, short a like pal, rhymes with Ali. She lives in the west country.

migola Tue 10-Aug-10 19:05:11

pronounced Mally, like Sally with an M. I think it is the welsh equivalent of Millie. I think it is getting - for want of a better word - 'trendy' in Wales. I know 3 - one is a dog, and the other 2 live outside of Wales but both have Welsh parents.

CreepyFunbags Tue 10-Aug-10 19:17:28

I know one, pronounced as Sally. In the East of England.

naughtyameliajayne Tue 10-Aug-10 19:23:46

i know a welsh one, spelt 'Mali' pronounced 'mar-lee'

PeasPlease Tue 10-Aug-10 19:29:06

We are in north wales where it is quite a common name for dogs but I don't know any kids of the name. There is a very popular cartoon on Welsh tv with a character called Sali Mali.

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