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Worse child's name EVER

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CupcakesHay Thu 29-Jul-10 18:32:54

Me and my Dh were talkign about awful baby names, and i thought I'd share.

I used to work in a passport office - and we had an application for a brother and sister....

She was called Florence-Jolly (yes, with the hyphen) and he was called Lionheart! LIONHEART! grin

Still makes me laugh... poor love!

Who's heard of worse?

TigersChick Fri 30-Jul-10 08:39:47

anonymousbird - A friend's dad is called Richard Mussel - and choses to be know as Dick ...

Just to show that unusual names are nothing new: DH's nan is called Clipsy. She hates it as has gone by the name Peggy since she was 16.

On the twins front ... I have come across 2 sets of twins from opposite ends of the spectrum. A pair of boys called Andre and Andrew and a pair of girls called Emily and Lambretta ...

I agree that it's all a matter of personal preference but sometimes I do wonder if people went out deliberately to be controversial.

tortoiseonthehalfshell Fri 30-Jul-10 08:41:40

I have come across a Possum and a Digger, as well as a Norman Nosurname (really), and I know a bloke called Sundance.

LuluF Fri 30-Jul-10 08:44:18

I knew someone who changed his name from something very ordinary to Cisco Horsetrough.

CardyMow Fri 30-Jul-10 08:51:57

I know someone who called her son Sage, one of her daughters Gaia, and for the life of me I can't remember the other girl's name, but it was more unusual than the other two! I also know someone who called her girl twins Chanelle and Lambrini (I kid ye not).

NOTHEROLDIE Fri 30-Jul-10 09:04:44

Sam and Ella. true

zozzle Fri 30-Jul-10 10:26:19

I came across a little Pagan once - not great if she later decides to become a Christian!!

CreepyFunbags Fri 30-Jul-10 10:48:32

I like St John! And Detroit is quite cool too.

CreepyFunbags Fri 30-Jul-10 10:51:55

St John is an old name, C19th.

QueenOfFlamingEverything Fri 30-Jul-10 10:54:15

Oh this is the thread for my personal favourite - my friend once met a traveller couple who called their first DS Boy and their second DS Newboy grin

I always wonder what came next - Anotherboy, followed by Toomanyboysalready perhaps?

MathsMadMummy Fri 30-Jul-10 10:57:30

maybe one day they ended up with Finallyagirlatlast

montmartre Fri 30-Jul-10 10:58:46

zozzle I actually know a child named Christian Pagan (fname sname)... v odd choice of forename if you ask me!

I also know one called [forename] Blue Wale... obv parents were having a laugh.

vegasmum Fri 30-Jul-10 11:01:33

Message withdrawn

vegasmum Fri 30-Jul-10 11:03:18

Message withdrawn

uptooearly Fri 30-Jul-10 11:04:00

A friend of mine once had a colleague whose daughter was called Vivi Zahara Boggs.

And another friend knew someone whose surname was Small, and was married to a Mr Rasch, called their daughter Amber and double-barrelled their surnames for hers. A Small-Rasch.

And my sister knew a Greek-Cypriot boy whose Greek name was Michalis Michail, but translated into English it became Michael Michael.

Ewe Fri 30-Jul-10 11:07:22

I know of a baby Nirvana, bit out there but for them it really works. Imagine she gets a lot of hmm faces when she introduces him though.

uptooearly Fri 30-Jul-10 11:07:29

And I once read about an American woman who had named her children Anthony, Antony, Antonia, Antoinette, Antoine, Antonio, etc.

arsesandoldlace Fri 30-Jul-10 11:08:51

I watched Jeremy Kyle yesterday and the first segment was a feud between two brothers named Fox and..... Dave!

I couldn't work out who had the worst deal really.

mamaloco Fri 30-Jul-10 11:10:40

Pecabo (girl, pronounced pick-a-boo) confused

MathsMadMummy Fri 30-Jul-10 11:16:42

I wonder if anybody names their kids after cartoon characters? my DD's favourites: Peppa and Pocoyo, perhaps?

PenguinNZ Fri 30-Jul-10 11:18:45

My GDad was called Stuart Stewart. Went to school with a Russell Sprout.

I do like unusual names, Sundance for example is fantastic, but have a similar policy to Vega's interview one. I used to be an HR bod in a bank and would think that if I got a CV with the name XXXX, what would I think?

In the space of less than an hour, I once received a fax from Elvis and an email from Jesus. Was my fave hour at work ever! grin

StealthPolarBear Fri 30-Jul-10 11:18:59


MathsMadMummy Fri 30-Jul-10 11:21:20

my friend is Aaron Elvis, and IIRC his brother's middle name is Presley

smugaboo Fri 30-Jul-10 11:22:41

I thought St John was an old fashioned English name? And Judge? Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop).

But I have the best one. La-a. Guess how you pronounce it?

uptooearly Fri 30-Jul-10 11:26:38

My policy on naming my children is that their names need to allow them to make convincing rock stars, judges or vets.

I think I've struck the right balance....!

Loujalou Fri 30-Jul-10 11:27:16

I know a lot of "Michael Michael"s but then I am Greek and they name them after their fathers! Wouldn't say its the worst name ever but might explain the "Alexander Alexander"!

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