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Worse child's name EVER

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CupcakesHay Thu 29-Jul-10 18:32:54

Me and my Dh were talkign about awful baby names, and i thought I'd share.

I used to work in a passport office - and we had an application for a brother and sister....

She was called Florence-Jolly (yes, with the hyphen) and he was called Lionheart! LIONHEART! grin

Still makes me laugh... poor love!

Who's heard of worse?

NMcK Thu 29-Jul-10 21:33:56

Wurzel - I kid you not

sonniebonnie Thu 29-Jul-10 21:35:35

Good for you that it wouldn't bother you. It may well bother others.
(And no, I don't have a child with any of the names on here.)

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Thu 29-Jul-10 21:36:43


fanjoforthemammaries7850 Thu 29-Jul-10 21:36:58


amothersplaceisinthewrong Thu 29-Jul-10 21:40:38

Ivor Hardon

usualsuspect Thu 29-Jul-10 21:41:35

Teresa Green
Ben Dover

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Thu 29-Jul-10 21:41:53

Willy Ulcer was a good one

roses12 Thu 29-Jul-10 21:49:56

Did Wayne king have a sister called joy? lol at some of the names. Was going to call my dd India till my mum said are you still thinking of that funny name, what was it again Australia? Put me right off

LuluF Thu 29-Jul-10 21:51:09

I've mentioned before that I knew of sisters called Scania and Mercedes (father was a lorry driver) and, again I heard of more sisters named Rebecca (Becks) and Stella (father owned a pub).

Also, a friend whose parents were teachers, told me there was a boy at their school called 'Isaac Hunt'. You would say it out loud, surely?

Colliecross Thu 29-Jul-10 22:06:42

Breeze and Haze - cousins
Worst of all LaTrina - unbelievable

MrsSnaplegs Thu 29-Jul-10 22:10:50

talking to a colleague tonight who knows male adult twins called ...........

Duran and Juran shock

And they work together!!

Very 1980's!

tattycoram Thu 29-Jul-10 22:27:40

Maybe it will be the new Jack, chateau

Tortoise Thu 29-Jul-10 22:34:30

Girl at my DS's school is called Blue Velvet!

thefirstmrsDeVere Thu 29-Jul-10 22:34:37

I hate these threads too and have given up posting.

Except - I think Cissy Sparkle is a beautiful name... Would definate go on my list if I were having a DC6.

MrsvWoolf Thu 29-Jul-10 22:48:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ladykay Thu 29-Jul-10 22:48:46

Isaac Hunt!!!!!!!! That's brilliant! My face has gone wonky laughing.

QuantaCosta Thu 29-Jul-10 22:51:42

Sisters called Bubbles and Pebbles.

Ineedsomesleep Fri 30-Jul-10 08:09:56

usualsuspect we did choose one from your list, its a family name on both sides and we really like it.

Whichever name you choose there will always be someone turning their nose up at it.

CupcakesHay Fri 30-Jul-10 08:17:51

I dind't mean any offence by starting this list. Surely everything is just people's opinions?

Like someone might like the name Mike and someone else might hate it.

So sorry if I caused offence, it wasn't intended.

MummyLovesSadie Fri 30-Jul-10 08:23:28

Cupcakes this is a brilliant thread. I've not added to it but it has had me chortling!

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Fri 30-Jul-10 08:27:23

I think its ABSURD to suggest that someone might choose a really "out-there" name and then get hugely upset if someone didn't like it, I think you'd probably accept that you'd get mixed reactions to the name, and be pretty secure that YOU like it, to have been brave enough to have chosen it.

em83 Fri 30-Jul-10 08:28:34

chanel-coco hmm
nikey (as in sportswear)

anonymousbird Fri 30-Jul-10 08:28:35

I sat next to a Richard Head at a school dance where we invited the local boys' school.... I always assumed it was urban myth, but no, there he was, with a name place card to prove it.

MathsMadMummy Fri 30-Jul-10 08:29:10

seeker what were your stepNs' names before they changed them?! dying with curiosity here!

I got confused reading through this I thought somebody knew a child called cupcakes! blush (perfectly possible though!)

my friend used to babysit a Beyonce.

I worked at a playscheme one summer and there was a very sweet family, a boy called St John (pronounced Sinjun) a girl called Honeybea and a boy called Judge (actually think I like that one but I'm not sure!)

twolittlemonkeys Fri 30-Jul-10 08:33:37

I know a Dazzyboy. Not a nickname for Darren or anything moderately sensible like that, just Dazzyboy followed by whatever his surname is on his birth certificate. Poor kid.

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