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layla ?

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mixup Sun 25-Jul-10 15:30:07

hi all im a oldtimer on here but dont post much and have namechanded but wanted opinions on names, am 37 weeks pg and have one definate boys name but arent sure on a girls name, already have a 9 year old dd with quite a unsual name, dp is pakistani muslim although not very religous and lived here all of his life (im english) so would like a muslim name, so far we have a short list of.....

Layla or spelt Laila
Amira or spelt Amirah or Ameera

seenyertoeslately Sun 25-Jul-10 15:43:03

I like them all,*mixup*. Got a soft spot for Layla, for nostalgic reasons because of the song.

mixup Sun 25-Jul-10 15:44:16

Layla is my fave too!

mixup Sun 25-Jul-10 15:44:29

Layla is my fave too!

seenyertoeslately Sun 25-Jul-10 15:58:01

Hope all goes well with the birth - you haven't got long to go now if you're 37 wks already.

SlartyBartFast Sun 25-Jul-10 16:01:12

i like layla, they all sound ok to me though.

mixup Sun 25-Jul-10 17:02:29

thank you x

5DollarShake Sun 25-Jul-10 20:24:09

I love Leila - prefer it to Layla, but either way it is a lovely name.

Firawla Sun 25-Jul-10 21:41:53

Layla is lovely, also like Amira (that sp best i think)
Isla is not really a muslim name? well not really known as one? so the others are better if he does want that incorportated in the name. Amenna is nice but im not sure about the sp, personally prefer Amina but then i know it can b confusing if its Aaminah or Ameenah..

AlCrowley Sun 25-Jul-10 21:57:13

My sister is a Leilah.

IME, most people will guess at Layla as the spelling because of the Eric Clapton song - which she will grow up hating

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