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Lotte? Do you like it?

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Diamondlover Fri 16-Jul-10 07:57:07

Prounounced Lotta. Tis german & I really love it but DH not sure. If spelt properly- Lotte, he thinks she will get called Lottie (which I don't mind but prefer Lotte).

overmydeadbody Fri 16-Jul-10 07:59:51

I teach a Lotte pronounced Lotta and no one gets it wrong.

Do you have German heritage?

LuluF Fri 16-Jul-10 08:01:15

I like it a lot - but are you aware there is a character on 'Charlie and Lola' named 'Lotta'?

I think, people will possibly, in the UK at least, pronounce it 'Lottie' unless they've learned German. Would you spell it 'Lotta'? I think it's the Scandinavian spelling.

Diamondlover Fri 16-Jul-10 08:21:16

Am very aware 'lotta' is Lola's best buddie. Not overly concerned with this. Actually heard it years ago- was an old german lady on tv & loved it since. Dh thinks it sounds like cilla black saying ' a lora lora laughs'. I think it is beautiful, simple & hopefully not popular. Actually encouraged I haven't heard any locally despite Charlie & Lola being so popular for the under 4s

LuluF Fri 16-Jul-10 08:26:02

I don't think it matters about Charlie and Lola either - and I think it is a lovely name.

I certainly don't know any.

londonmackem Fri 16-Jul-10 08:28:50

It will be pronounced Lottie and reminded me of Lotty the Ladybird from M&P.

Diamondlover Fri 16-Jul-10 08:39:12

I really love short names but don't want popular name though I know sometimes this is difficult to predict. Chose DD1s name because I had always loved it and knew one older friend called it. She had grown up knowing noone with the same name. Roll on 5 years & all I hear is her name ( & versions of it) very disappointed as I really don't want her to be the Claire/Louise of her era!
Really want a name that won't date!

WynkenBlynkenandNod Fri 16-Jul-10 08:43:41

I really like it and would automatically pronounce it as Lotta as have german relatives. I was thinking yesterday it is a lovely name when I saw a Happy 18th Birthday sign up in our local roundabout !

Diamondlover Fri 16-Jul-10 08:52:36

So glad it is not too strange spelt Lotte. I feel Lotta looks like a made up spelling to help English people say it correctly eg. Neve instead of Niamh

ViveLaFrak Fri 16-Jul-10 08:56:42

Lotte is lovely. If people mispronounce it's easy to correct them gently with 'actually it's Lotte - there's no i'.

WithoutAnI Fri 16-Jul-10 09:10:14

Have quickly name-changed for obvious reasons.

I'm called Lotte, after Lotte Lenya, but my parents decided to pronounce it Lottie, as it would be easier for people, and there really weren't any around, even the Charlottes were using a different diminutive back then.

No one (almost) pronounces it Lottie, it totally stumps people, they all stumble over it, and either don't bother and just ask how to pronounce it, or they pronounce it Lot. Then when I say it's pronounce Lottie, they all look relieved, and the rewrite it with an I. No, no, there's no I thanks.

It wasn't until I went to university and there was studying linguistics with lots of European, well travelled professors that people started to call me Lotta. And they didn't even ask, they just assumed, and that's fine with me too.

I do actually have German family, and I speak German, and I love how it's meant to be pronounced, so these days I answer to both Lottie and Lotta. My favourite people are my German and Scandinavian friends who pronounce it Lotta, which I love.

So, in summary, I love being called Lotte, it's really unusual and people tend to remember it. But, people will spell it wrongly, with an -a if you pronounce it Lotta, and with and an -i- if you pronounce it Lottie. Unless you cultivate some Norwegian friends, who are often overjoyed to find a "Scandinavian" name in England the only pronunciation I don't like is "Lot". Unless I'm being called it for short, 'cos Lotte's a very long name you see hmm

Also, every new person will look at it and ask "is it short for Charlotte?". I met one woman who refused to call me by my name as she "didn't believe in nicknames and only used full names", thanks, but that is my full name; I had to threaten to get my birth certificate. And for lots of official-type paper work, people do tend to do hmm "no, we need your full name".

But you get used to it, and I think it's worth it not to have been another Louise or Emma

Kathleen123 Fri 16-Jul-10 09:14:47

i like it.

Kathleen123 Fri 16-Jul-10 09:17:49

Lolita ??

Kathleen123 Fri 16-Jul-10 09:20:37

Nope - just remembered I'm sure Lolita is used to describe young girls dating older men.

Definite no as a name.

Diamondlover Fri 16-Jul-10 09:25:05

Withoutani thank you so much for a Lotte's perspective!! Makes me love it even more!! I have an unusual(ish) name so know it can be annoying to have it spelt/said wrongly but overall I wouldn't change it!
Really have to work hard on dh now!

Kathleen thanks but don't like lolita for obvious reasons! Hehe

Diamondlover Fri 16-Jul-10 09:34:16

Withoutani would you have preferred to have your name spelt Lotta so people said it correctly. I really love your spelling though & feel Lotta looks a bit made up

WithoutAnI Fri 16-Jul-10 10:10:09

No, I prefer it as Lotte. I don't have a problem with telling people how to pronounce it. I think Lotta looks made up, and also a bit "trying to be trendy".

Also, it's really pronounced with more of an "-er" sound than an "-a" sound, so I think people would still get it wrong, and it would sound a lot more Cilla Black wink

CaptainNancy Fri 16-Jul-10 10:17:59

What a lovely post from WithoutanI!

I like Lotte, and I think many people would pronounce it correctly, though be prepared for many birthday cards spelled 'Lotta'.

LuluF Fri 16-Jul-10 10:27:09

So - WithoutanI, Lotte is the correct Scandinavian spelling, too?

WithoutAnI Fri 16-Jul-10 10:39:27

Not sure if it's the "correct" one, but it's certainly one that they use. My husband's Danish friends asked whether I knew my name was Scandinavian (which it's not in my case, it's German) and I did because my Swedish and Norwegian friends had already asked me the same thing, or variations thereof.

TBH I'm fairly certain they use Lotta in Sweden at least, so I'm sure they do in the rest of Scandinavia. But whether Lotte or Lotta is correct, I couldn't say.

LuluF Fri 16-Jul-10 10:45:37

Thank you - though I suppose rather than 'correct', I should have perhaps used 'accepted'.

Diamondlover - just thinking with regard to spelling and pronunciation - there are many Irish names that are currently in use, that are hard to fathom for non-speakers of gaelic - I think people will be quite used to being corrected.

But people will always get names wrong too. My name's Louisa - nothing very unpronouncable or all that unusual - but I wish I had a pound for everytime a (lazy) teacher called me 'Louise' at school.

WithoutAnI Fri 16-Jul-10 10:54:46

No problem, Lotte definitely accepted, and I think Lotta is as well, but I've never met one, and no one's mentioned it.

Aha, a quick Swedish google reveals a fair few Lotta Nilssons etc, so I assume they're both fine

It's remarkable they names people can manage to pronounce incorrectly! It's so lazy in most cases as well.

WithoutAnI Fri 16-Jul-10 10:58:52

^the names, not they.

My typing is terrible today, sorry!

exexpat Fri 16-Jul-10 11:07:18

Lotte is also the name of one of the biggest confectionary and snack makers in Japan and Korea - according to their website they named it after the Charlotte in Goethe's Sorrows of Young Werther. Your DD might find it quite cool to have lots of sweets and biscuits named after her when she's older - I recommend the Koala biscuits...

Blanchet Fri 16-Jul-10 11:09:45

Hmm, it is quite nice, but I wouldn't have known how to pronounce it. That is, I would have known that it's "Lotta" in German, but I wouldn't have been sure whether the Lotte in question pronounced it that way, or whether it was just "Lot" short for Charlotte or something. "Can I speak to... er, is it.. Lot? Lotta?". Wouldn't have considered "Lottie", I don't think.

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