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WorrisomeHeart Wed 14-Jul-10 14:41:23

Opinions please? I love the name, not sure on the spelling but it's DH's compromise (it's the Irish spelling which he prefers to Lachlan)...

valiumSingleton Wed 14-Jul-10 16:14:42

Is it the Irish spelling? I'd check that source. I have never seen it.

Lorcan is irish for Lawrence/Laurence. So I had thought that that was the Irish version of Lachlan.

Lochlann looks odd imo

alexisfaith Wed 14-Jul-10 17:08:23

Yes, it's lovely. Lachlan is 'correct' spelling in Scotland and I have an Irish male relative called this and spelt this way (nn. Lachie). Near heard of the Lochlann spelling, in fact.

Are you Irish? If so, check the Lochlann roots. If not, you're best sticking with the traditional Lachlan.

Great name and Lachie is a lovely nn.

waitingforbedtime Wed 14-Jul-10 17:10:17

Lachlan is lovely. Lochlan is ok. Lochlan is weird. I think it IS the right spelling but it looks odd and no-one will ever rememebr the second n.

mathanxiety Wed 14-Jul-10 17:12:45

Lochlann is Irish for Viking. 'Na tiortha Lochlannaigh' = Scandinavia, or the lands of the Vikings in Irish. The Lochs in question were probably the fjords. Lochlann would literally mean 'someone from the land of fjords', i.e., a Viking.

Lachlan is a Scottish version, means the same.

It's the oldest Irish version of the name, and it gave rise to surnames suck as McLoughlin, O'Loughlin, etc.

WorrisomeHeart Wed 14-Jul-10 18:04:51

Thanks mathanxiety (and others!). Most of the books have the standard spellings, but DH is adamant he wants the double-n (he is Irish), and as this is one of the only names we can even remotely agree on, I think I'll have to go with the flow. He'll be Lochie for short which I think is lovely.

lifeas3plus1 Wed 14-Jul-10 19:22:56

Lachlan is what I am hoping to call my Ds2 if I can get Dp to come around.

I love it.

Not sure about the spelling Lochlann although it is just as nice.

LynetteScavo Wed 14-Jul-10 19:27:53

I love it, but prefer Lachlan.

TheSleepingViolet Fri 16-Jul-10 15:12:23

I have a Lochlann. Obviously I love it and I have had no probs with spelling it etc.

It does get commented on a lot by people who seem to like it. nn Loch/Lochie smile

WorrisomeHeart Sat 17-Jul-10 19:35:12

Ooh thank Sleeping Violet - do you find other people mispell it regularly? DH is very anti Lachlan hmm - I don't see the big deal, but it is his baby too, I suppose he gets a choice!

LimaCharlie Sat 17-Jul-10 20:04:10

Worrisome - he'll have a choice only until your DS and his mates decide upon their own variation / weird spelling grin

CapitalText Sat 17-Jul-10 21:27:22

The "ann" ending makes it look like a girls' name.

TheSleepingViolet Sun 18-Jul-10 16:37:39

No, funnily enough it hasn't been misspelt yet. He's three now.
I guess soon enough he will be old enough to correct people anyway.
Now DD's easy enough name causes a lot of trouble for pronunciation and spelling over here, so you can't win!

scottishmummy Sun 18-Jul-10 16:55:00

nice name,not with that spelling though.

Lannielou1978 Tue 12-Apr-16 01:00:34

Lochlann is the traditional and oldest spelling of the name. It means land of the Norse men and dates back to 795AD! The other spellings are Scottish and Anglo adaptions. smile

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