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How do you pronounce Jacoby?

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squeaver Tue 13-Jul-10 18:55:51

Would it be JAC-oby?

Or Ja-COB-y?

One of those names I've only ever seen written down

FranSanDisco Tue 13-Jul-10 18:58:51

I'd pronounce it with emphasis on the eee sound - jac-ob-eeeeee

Phoenix Tue 13-Jul-10 18:59:21

Maybe YA-COBY?

lifeas3plus1 Tue 13-Jul-10 19:20:40

I'd pronounce it Ja-coby.

SuzysZoo Tue 13-Jul-10 22:48:55

I'd pronounce it "Jack" followed by "oby" as in Obi - 1 -Kenobi

Wags Tue 13-Jul-10 22:52:42

I would also pronounce it Jac ob eeeee. Nice name smile

LimaCharlie Tue 13-Jul-10 22:54:01

Like SuzysZoo would

PrettyCandles Tue 13-Jul-10 23:01:50


Or possibly JA-cobb-ee.

Unless it was a nickname for Jacob, in which case JAY-co-bee

squeaver Wed 14-Jul-10 16:01:07

Hadn't thought about JAY-co-bee.

I think that could be it.

Decorhate Wed 14-Jul-10 16:06:40

Oh no don't do JAY-co-bee - will sound like you have a Jacob and are using a diminutive (like Johnny or Tommy) and (imo) will sound babyish as he gets older...

squeaver Wed 14-Jul-10 16:12:46

Oh God it's not for me, that would be a medical miracle!

PersonalClown Wed 14-Jul-10 16:15:44


Inspired by this gorgeous specimen of man?? by any chance?

squeaver Wed 14-Jul-10 16:25:22


mybootsaremuddy Wed 14-Jul-10 19:44:58

Dh used to work with a Jacobi and it was pn ya-KO-bee

poppydaisy Wed 14-Jul-10 21:41:32

I'd pronounce it either as the name's owner or parents would like it pronounced smile.

Jenniferlbowers Mon 08-Apr-13 18:41:56

I'd say it should be yac o vee but we pronounce it jac o bee as that's what we thought most people would say and it'd avoid correction. However, from experience, most people say ja cobee

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