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Respisense vs Sunza

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Safemum Mon 12-Apr-10 11:39:25

Hi, I'm new to this site and wanted to get some mother's opinions on the respisense and Sunza Monitors.

I have found this website that stocks both at good prices:

Still a little unsure of which one to get confused - any feedback off anyone who has used / is using these monitors would be great!

MmmmNeedaParasol Mon 12-Apr-10 18:38:22

Sorry, i have only used Angelcare models.

JetLi Fri 14-May-10 23:09:39

Love Respisense (3rd post this evening on the damn things blush). I ended up buying 2 of them - second hand from ebay. Not heard of the Sunza, but reading the website does it do anything else other than alarm? The Respisense vibrates on baby's tummy if it senses no movement in an effort to stimulate breathing. This is in addition to an audible alarm.


MrsFrog Wed 13-Apr-11 10:06:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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