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9th baby monitor in 11 months?!

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belfastbetty Tue 05-Jan-10 16:21:13

I am at my wit's end with baby monitors! We started with a BT 150 - very good for 6 months and then the sound went. It was replaced and that only lasted two weeks. We changed to a Lindam one which 'blew' in minutes and then got a Tommee Tippee sensor monitor which we managed to save for a couple of weeks.

We then went onto the Angel Care monitors - five of them, to be exact... With each one the parent unit has just packed up within a few weeks.

When my husband took the last one back to the shop yesterday they told him that there had been a fault and they were more than happy to replace it.

We've had our electrics checked and they are apparently fine. We use a power surge protector as we live in a rural area and might be subject to power spikes.

I just can't believe our luck - can anyone give me some advice or tips on how to best protect the monitors?

All help gratefully received!!

emmabemmasmom Tue 05-Jan-10 16:28:33

Oh god that is very bad luck!

I have the Tomy Walkabout Platinum and have had it for 2.5 years and in 2 different houses and have never had a problem. The only thing is I think the battery needs replacing on the parent one from me carrying it around all the time and being a little old. However it has a vibrate setting and also the temp display too.

My DD likes it as it has a night light too...

Don't know if that helps but hope it does!

rhettsmile Wed 06-Jan-10 08:29:14

shockwhat a bad quality! you bought them in one place? and why not cho0se them on some famous site and cho0se a famus brand? Sony, Philips, Panasonic baby monitor are all ok. baby monitor wholesale site is also recommended

The blue baby monitor in my house worked for three months, every thing goes well except charge frequently, I purchased it in

GoldenSnitch Wed 06-Jan-10 08:39:21

We've had this one for 3 years now and it's still going strong.

We've just dug it out to use for DC2

Casserole Wed 06-Jan-10 09:01:37

Ours can be completely battery powered for both parent and child units. You could buy some rechargeable batteries and a battery charger - does sound like it might be your power supply to me. Have you tried different plug sockets? Any other appliances keep going? We keep blowing dishwashers and I wonder if the socket is surging...

belfastbetty Wed 06-Jan-10 19:17:29

Thanks a million, everyone, for your help! As it's happened on different makes of monitor from different stores/famous websites I am coming to the conclusion that it must be power surges affecting them. I am clearly having a particular problem here!

Will let you know how I get on with the next one...

kens Tue 02-Nov-10 07:47:29

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kens Tue 02-Nov-10 07:49:40

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